Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014


T H E   D E S S E R T

A humid Sunday afternoon made me join my parents on a date at the Robinson's-Magnolia for sips of drinks that would refresh us. Dad is on senior citizen status and mom is on the way there, too. Since I spent so many years at the office in the past and went out with friends every chance I got, I reckoned it was worth the trip to one of Quezon City's malls -- a drink date.

Once inside the air conditioned mall, the folks did not feel uneasy anymore. They were ready for a hot cup of coffee... fast.

I spotted a kiosk of a drink station called Beantology. Its set of artsy chairs were beaming in red. The extra space for relaxing was small but spacious, just right for customers to sit down in and enjoy an order of their cheesecake selection. Available that day were the raspberry and blueberry flavors. The folks settled for hot cups of the tastefully sweet cafe mocha (P130).


My order was my favorite tea flavor, matcha green tea. I had it cold or in Beantology's lingo, Frozert, which you can find on their price menu under the "iconic" category. It was definitely a specialty, I guess. The liquified dessert station's version was mixed with mousse so I no longer had them include whip cream on top. Besides, it was creamy enough. It went down well. Quite smooth. Delicious even after leaving it not sipped for minutes.


It was brunch time and a hefty lunch was beckoning us. It was wise to leave enough room in the tummy.

I could have tried more flavors but I stepped back. There are a lot of other Frozert flavors on board at Beantology -- under the categories Iconic (P165), Original (P150), and Limited Edition (P150) --which I want to try for my next visit.

The dark chocolate frozert that another customer ordered caught my eye. It looked hardcore. The crew member sort of cajoled me to try one, but I begged off. Maybe next time.

The business just started last November of 2013 and may be about to emerge as a pain in the neck of my favorite smoothie hub, Big Chill.

Special Afternoon

If anything, my Beantology drink that afternoon was anything but painfully sweet down the throat. I loved every sip of that matcha green tea mousse! My pleasant conversations with mom and dad also made the drink date extra special to think that the catching up session was inside a mall.

The raspberry and blueberry cheesecake flavors at Beantology
The dark chocolate flavor with whip cream

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  1. Wow this place looks amazing! I've heard from friends about it too.

  2. I agree. I will return to taste the rest of their Frozert selection.


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