Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 - S T A R  


B U F F E T   F E E L 

The formerly known Magnolia (which became Nestle) Dairy Products Plant in Quezon City is now a mall called Robinsons-Magnolia, with land space for a residential site. It was at the mall where me and my family met up with my cousin, her husband, and their grown-up kids for a despedida buffet at Buffet 101. My uncle was to be Middle East-bound days from that special occasion.

Entering Buffet 101 made me recall hotel buffet restaurants that I've dined in such as Marriott Cafe in Manila Marriott Hotel. Lux fixtures, high ceilings, and a cathedral-like spread of food selections divided in gastronomic categories. I was a bit surprised that the big space is filled by mall customers. It was good that we had our table reserved ahead of time for our convenience.

Affordable Pricing

With the vast array of dishes laid out in different shapes and sizes, buffet aficionados are sure to appreciate Buffet 101's weekday pricing (P699 for lunch and P899 for dinner). Since the establishment's got a little bit of everything that a hotel buffet restaurant is showcasing, the weekend pricing (P899) is sure to attract food lovers in the area and neighboring cities.

Potatoes, Papaya, and More!

I especially love to have discovered there a yoghurt machine and my favorite fruit drink in season -- papaya. I think I had about three glasses of papaya smoothie ordered from the refreshment counter.

Since I'm on a specialized diet for nutritional purposes, I enjoyed variations of potato-oriented selections such as the so-called baked farm-fresh fries, BBQ-flavored fries, sweet potatoes (the petite type), and thinly-sliced potato salad. I also had hefty servings of crispy onion rings.

I remember a member of my entourage going seafood crazy with sushi and mussels. Another tore into a juicy steak.

Everyone had the exotic Filipino dessert halo-halo except for me. I settled for the unpretentious coconut marshmallow. I tried it for being unique as I have not encountered a serving of it anywhere except there at Buffet 101. We wined down with tea after the feasting.

I will definitely consider returning to this international cuisine establishment to close my summer soon.

My bite-sized coconut marshmallow 
Spices galore!

Ending lunch at past lunch time with tea



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