Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday, November 08, 2013

The hallway that opens to the auditorium's center

L I N G A Y E N ' S


I recently visited Lingayen, Pangasinan for rest and recreation. Having stayed at the pleasant resort called El Puerta Marina in Barangay Pangapisan, I was rejuvenated to roam around the municipality aboard a tricycle. It was fancy visiting spots like the provincial capitol and the Veterans Memorial Park, but stepping inside the province's Sison Auditorium was the most memorable for me.

The auditorium was just a few blocks away from the provincial capitol so I headed to it on foot. As with a lot of amazing spaces that I've seen in Luzon, Sison Auditorium's facade was not that remarkable. However, there is enough neoclassical charm to lure unsuspecting visitors to behold more of the government building.

The Origin 

Constructed in 1927 (construction began a year before), the edifice known today as the cultural center of Pangasinan became a venue for various activities from sports meets, school graduations to international summits.

Stepping Inside

I took my first steps inside the auditorium with its security guard cum tour guide. The electricity was down and he ushered me into the center of the establishment with references to old gatherings and a tale about mysterious footsteps in the gallery. I was suddenly happy that I visited right after lunch.

There we were right in the middle of the open space, exactly below an opulent-looking chandelier. It's been hanging there for only a few years after being imported from Austria as related by the security guard. It turned out that a major renovation was done in 2008 that lasted for three years with then Governor Amado Espino, Jr. at the helm. The power was down but in the faint darkness of the afternoon, I could still appreciate the interior of the place. Most of the renovations done there were those that I saw also at the provincial capitol.

The chandelier imported from Austria
It was getting darker by the minute inside the auditorium. Since I got spooked by the tale of the mysterious footsteps, I volunteered to be ushered out already.

Next time, I hope to visit the place as part of an activity already. I'm confident that the chandelier, when lit, will exude nothing but elegance and American nostalgia.

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