Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday, October 04, 2013

L A N D M A R K 


I visited Lingayen, Pangasinan a few months back for rest and recreation at a resort called El Puerto Marina. Staying at the beach was my focus and I got what I wanted, plus more -- a fishing village gathering for a Sunday morning catch, a tour inside the lavish-looking Pangasinan Capitol, and a surprise detour to the Veterans Memorial Park.

After my resort stay, I was at the Pangasinan Capitol and was encouraged by the building staff there to walk a few blocks outside to check out the Sison Auditorium which Pangasinan residents seem to be very proud of. I did see why after I walked inside the structure. The marvelous edifice deserves a separate blog post which I'll feature soon. Before I even reached the place, I had a quick detour to an unassuming landmark behind the provincial capitol -- the Veterans Memorial Park.

The Veterans Memorial Park is a place that showcases the heroism of Filipinos and the Allied forces in Pangasinan during World War II. On outdoor display and exposed to the elements are an old WWII tanker, an aircraft, and a huge armament used during the war.

Situated in the same area is the Lingayen Gulf Landing Shrine which was constructed in 1994 and inaugurated the next year to commemorate the then 50th Anniversary of the Lingayen Gulf Landings.

It was almost lunch time and the only visitors at the park where me and a few kids playing tag. I found no reason to linger more than 15 minutes, so I headed to the Sison Auditorium after checking out some old photos on display in the shrine.

A visit of the Pangasinan Capitol is not complete without a detour to the Veterans Memorial Park. It's just a block away anyway.

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