Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

E A T I N G   O U T

I N   B A G U I O

I was on a Baguio City vacation with my family recently and one restaurant that surprised me when we were deciding where to eat out was the cozy Choco-Late De Batirol.

There I was with my parents and a relative in the middle of Camp John Hay and we were having a hard time getting a cab to take us back to our hotel. We struggled further by walking along the long and winding main road of the camp until we reached what looked like a hobbit house. The temperature was dropping outside so any establishment, no matter how uninviting from the outside, was warm heaven.

Enchanting Interiors

The odd-looking restaurant was not decrepit at all. It looked well-maintained but its charm lies on its off-center interior. As we entered the restaurant, I noticed that the elements inside looked haphazard. Upon close examination, I realized that the dining charm was its disregard for impressing people. The lasting feeling once we were inside was similar to having pleasantries being exchanged in a rustic home next to a farm. I loved being forced to stoop down in some areas of the restaurant as I tried to check more intimate corners inside where my height was abnormal.

Afternoon customers
Merienda Time

We ordered their Traditional Blend of hot chocolate that was prepared the old conventional way. Using a wooden stirrer called batirol, the staff who prepared our cups of confection seemed to have shared with us generations of chocolate love. This was because the traditional practice of using a batirol entailed the maker to tirelessly rub it between the palms of his or her hands to foam the mix.

Since it was merienda time and it was getting colder outside, the 3-piece Turon De Langka that we also ordered along with our cups of chocolate came and disappeared despite being hot on the tongue.

Home-Cooked Meals

The restaurant also serves meals for breakfast, lunch, and, dinner by the way. I will definitely try some of those when I return to Baguio City for another vacation.

It was after experiencing a cozy snack at Choco-Late De Batirol inside Camp John Hay that we were able to finally get a cab back to our hotel. We just had to freeze a bit in the Baguio outdoors to discover the restaurant.

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  1. Fate leads you to that resto... unplanned moments, most of the time are the best once...


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