Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

M A K A T I    C I T Y 


Sometimes, in the middle of Metro Manila's congestion, one can find a pleasant chill out place to make sense of life. Makati City's Greenbelt district has one such space that beckoned me to linger and snack on a few frozen yogurt flavors one late afternoon.

In a secluded part of Greenbelt 2 stands Qoola, a cozy nook for yogurt lovers. Surrounded by lush greenery, the dessert joint looks like a mirage in the busy mix of high-end restaurants and condominiums. The environment was not hurried as customers seem to stay for more than an hour whenever they had the chance. It was as if time stood still there.

The Taste Test Team

I met up with a few friends and acquaintances for a pre-dinner dessert that day. Sampling over Qoola's fancy topping-filled yogurt cups, we managed to get a clear point of view of the dessert bar's growing credibility among kids and young professionals.

Honestly, the yogurt serving alone sans the creative toppings was a treat for me already since I'm never truly adventurous when it comes to any sweet stuff. This meant that each topping looked extra-special to me as if they were each yogurt cup's crowning glory.

Unforgettable Fruit Cup

If there was one memorable topping that I sampled that day, it would have to be the fruit cup. The serving was a fresh experience in my mouth as the frozen yogurt melted just the right way with the crunchy kiwifruit. Of course, I battled it out with the others for the right to own the single sweet cherry!

What kids would go gaga over, I reckon, was the assorted candy-topped cup. It looked quite colorful when it was served to my group. It was only a matter of minutes when what was left was a few spoonfuls of its frozen yogurt base. It was bound to happen anyway. The candy sprinkles alone were inviting.

Line Up For The Topping Buffet

Should you intend to visit the place and order exactly the flavors I sampled, you'd simply have to pass through a buffet concept line of various toppings. You'll have the chance to choose which topping tickles your fancy enough to spread it on top of your frozen yogurt order. The 100gram-yogurt cup alone costs P68 without your preferred topping yet. Just add to that cost once your chosen topping is rendered on your order.

V I S I T    Q O O L A

Address: Ground Floor, Greenbelt 2 Park Ayala Center, Makati City
Telephone: (02) 751-3338

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