Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013


H O T E L   M E A L S

My short visit of Cabanatuan City and its neighboring municipalities in Nueva Ecija proved to be more than just a restful overnight stay at Microtel By Wyndham-Cabanatuan. I did not expect to sample sophisticated food and drinks in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere for me. As a resident of congested Metro Manila, I anticipated to have my filling of local-based dishes there instead. And I did, but I was also fortunately treated to hotel-oriented servings that were inventive in taste. They were what a city native and travelers would find worth visiting Cabanatuan City for.

It was a pleasure being pleasured gastronomically by Liquid Bar & Restaurant, a food service facility that's adjacent to Microtel By Wyndham-Cabanatuan.

The walkway connecting Microtel By Wyndham-Cabanatuan and Liquid Bar & Restaurant

Coffee Concoctions

I had the chance to confirm what the resto is famous for in the area -- signature coffee concoctions. My order of a glass of capuccino promised to be strong enough to awaken the senses. Initial sips I took reflected exactly that. The price was fancy but it was fancy for a reason.

Signature Chicken Teriyaki

The most memorable of all my orders at the resto was its signature chicken teriyaki which I had the staff delivered to my room at the hotel. I remember having the air conditioning inside my accommodation at quite a low temperature due to the sweltering heat in Cabanatuan City. Amazingly, the AC did not change the caramelized crunchiness and tender meat of the chicken as I took my time tearing into it for my late lunch. It was definitely better-tasting than most similar chicken treats that continue to proliferate in Metro Manila like BonChon Chicken.

Complimentary Hotel Breakfast

My complimentary breakfast at the hotel consisted of a 2-piece burger patty and a fluffy omelette served with garlic fried rice. There were other options for guests to choose, so there will always be no shortage of having a hearty breakfast. I especially appreciated that the breakfast meal came with a serving of soup to prepare the palate for the delicious follow up.

Before leaving Cabanatuan City after a quick tour of some of its landmarks, I had my last meal at the Liquid Bar & Restaurant -- a hefty serving of tuna pasta. It was incredibly not lacking in morsels of tuna and the fettuccine was firm in taste. Over all, it was flavorful.

Truly, my stay at Microtel By Wyndham-Cabanatuan defied a lot of preconceptions that I had about its facilities, including enjoying meals at its partner restaurant.

Breakfast with blogger Ar-jay

H E L P F U L   H I N T S 

Operating Hours: 6:30am-2:00am (the next day)

The restaurant is also accessible through an operator assistance at the reception area from the hotel guest's room.

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  1. na-excite na ako sa papunta ko sa Mictotel Cabanatuan! :)

    1. There's always something to see anywhere LOL


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