Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013


B R A N D 


My food tasting appointment was to happen in Pampanga and I badly needed a decent but affordable hotel to stay in a day before the event. Fortunately, there is already a Tune Hotel branch in Angeles City of the same province.

I've tested staying at Tune Hotel in Makati City already for countless of times (the longest was for a week), so I know the distinction it has among other budget hotels. Its Angeles City branch shouldn't be any different. I was just glad that in a city which one blogger friend perceives to be a place for curious souls, there stands an accommodation that's reliable for decency, cleanliness, and security.

Signature Red Brand

It was my first time walking the streets of Angeles City and I found it interesting that there was a spa for every block and a hotel for every couple of blocks. No tourist would have a problem finding a place to check into what with the tremendous set of options. The challenge was in determining whether or not the hotel was safe to stay in.

Some facades were quite fancy and were an easy lure to consider but nothing speaks of affordable elegance than the signature red color of Tune Hotel. Set against the hotel building's white paint, the brand's hue does not only stand out in the city's landscape. It's also a guarantee of a secure and comfortable accommodation. At least, that's how it appealed and continues to appeal to me.

Spectacular Room View

Most budget hotels either have clunky windows or windows that are obstructed by ugly fixtures. Worse, there are hotels that don't even have windows. I was glad that I did not have to be stressed about this during my overnight stay at Tune Hotel-Angeles City. Its Double Room did not disappoint me because it has a spectacular view of the Manuel A. Roxas Highway.

5-Star Bed and Other Fancy Details

Simplicity of room interiors may be apparent in Tune Hotel rooms, but I'm always looking out for subtle details that perk my stay. Such a detail I found amusing was the room's stripe-patterned bed sheet which did not remind me of hospital beds at all unlike in other budget hotels. Tune Hotel beds are of 5-star quality.

I also appreciate that every room in the building has a hair dryer ready for use.

As additional convenience to guests, Tune Hotel also has a few basic and miscellaneous stuff that guests may have a need for that are available at the reception area. No more going out in the middle of the night searching for a 7-11 or Mini-Stop.

Well-Maintained Bathroom

For a budget hotel, Tune's bathroom is always a luxury. It's spacious and well-maintained. Water pressure at the 9th floor where I was booked was strong. Plumbing is top notch as evidenced by my lengthy shower times.

Secure Hallways

I felt secure staying at Tune Hotel alone knowing that their room key cards are also its elevator card at the ground floor. Only valid guests issued with such cards can go straight from the hotel entrance to the various hallways of the building. Spooky bystanders are automatically eliminated from the site.

F O R   B O O K I N G

Visit Tune Hotel's official website. Or call (045) 459-0888. You may also email

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  1. Nice place! I wanna try this too. Sakto sa August for our Clark-Davao flight. :-) thanks for sharing this review.

    1. You're welcome, Ram. You won't regret staying at any Tune Hotel branch.

    2. I am from Angeles City and I visited the hotel twice and it's really nice.

  2. Replies
    1. I've stayed in more than one branch of Tune and I'm always satisfied. Thanks!

  3. Wow! Tune Hotels in Angeles City is really gorgeous! By the way, if you need a Quezon City Hotel to stay in, I suggest that you visit Summit Hotel Magnolia.

  4. So I heard, James. The good thing about Summit Hotel Magnolia is it's next to a mall.


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