Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

S N A C K 


Manila has always been an interesting place for stuff that catches one's attention. Being an old city, it showcases a lot of long-standing structures that various big and small-scale businesses are taking advantage of. In the stretch of Masangkay Street alone, there's a glut of food joints that are enough to make one take notice per block. Take, for instance, my visit of the busy area one weekday in June. My snack stopover: Hoho Chickenchop.

Hoho Chickenchop is an original Taiwan snack place that's fast becoming a favorite among kids and teenagers in Binondo. And I was not surprised why the chicken snack business is a hit with the youngsters. Owners Richmond and Priscilla Tan have cleverly established their fancy-looking nook near schools. Plus, the treats in store for customers come in easy-to-gobble servings that one can enjoy in a few minutes for no more than P90. The most affordable treat costs just P30.

Crispy Goodness Served Hot

Richmond emphasized the importance of Hoho Chickenchop specialties being consumed while hot. The act of snacking is best experienced if one's order is ingested as soon as it's served.

Fancy Flavor Options

The signature snacks are available in different flavors which makes ordering fun. It gives customers the chance to personalize their order from the following nine options: Hoho Special, original, plum, sour cream, hot and spicy, BBQ, lemon pepper, cheese and seaweed.

Interestingly, the flavors can also be in combo format which most customers experiment over. The two most popular flavor combos? Lemon-plum and BBQ-seaweed.

Crispy Corndog


Crunchy Treats Reviewed

I got to taste Hoho Chickenchop's Fried Squid (P55) in plum flavor and I adored the hint of sweetness and the bit of tanginess of it in my mouth. The crispy breading added to the delightful contrast as I was tearing into the crunchiness of it all. Honestly, I'm not into seafood and yet this order somehow got me bypassing the squid for all the fancy goodness that was in it.

Another memorable order that day was the Crispy Corndog (P35) which resembled the shape of a popsicle but rather smaller. A stick of which can easily be gobbled in a single toss to one's mouth, but I just preferred taking a bite off of it to reveal the wonderful corndog surprise that's covered by the breading. That was probably how Hoho Chickenchop's kiddie patrons do it also.

The third remarkable treat I had was the cleverly named Chickcharon (P30) in cheese flavor. A bag of it reminded me of chowing down on a Lapid chicharon set but Hoho Chickenchop's version is served fancier of course.

The same treats are also served with rice for customers who prefer to eat them in a meal format.

The restaurant is open daily (10:00am-7:30pm) except on Sundays and the crew accepts bulk orders.

Why Not Franchise?

I would love to see a Hoho Chickenchop in a Makati or Pasig City mall soon where it's nearer my place, so interested parties can contact the owners for a franchise opportunity.

Me with Co-Owner Richmond

H O H O   C H I C K E N C H O P   C O N T A C T   D E T A I L S

Address: 1208 G. Masangkay St., Binondo, Manila
Phone: (02) 425-6716

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  1. The Crispy corndog was such a treat! I also love the crispy Flavored squid. The flavor didn't really matter that much, I like them all anyway.

    1. Nice. We both loved the same stuff at Hoho!

  2. Looks good! I want to try this soon. You are right, I hope they will soon have branches like here in QC. =)


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