Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013


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I've been a city dweller in the National Capital Region (NCR) since I can remember and I can attest to the popular opinion that traveling from one city to another in this part of the Philippines is a challenge.

Quezon City-based residents work in Makati City. Makati City-based residents work in Quezon City. This one example of an urban planning anomaly is just among many others. You can just imagine Metro Manila roads to be always in a frenzy of commuters when the clock strikes at 8:00am or 6:00pm. It becomes worse during a rainstorm.

Put An End To Miserable Stopovers

Most foreigners visiting the Philippines are not aware of the overwhelming congestion problem in Metro Manila that they still commit the mistake of setting up an itinerary in the city before embarking on their target out-of-town trip. There's nothing wrong with the idea but they end up having a miserable stopover because they stayed at the wrong hotel that's an impossible location to reach from their chosen city tour.

The solution is quite simple. Travelers should not automatically book themselves in hotels that are generally just popular. The priority consideration is the establishment's location in Metro Manila. Is the hotel located near a stopover tour that's on schedule? Is it accessible in 1 hour or less from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport?

Another consideration to make is the possibility of cutting down on your budget for your Metro Manila stay. Should you consider a hostel or inn instead of a hotel during your stay in the city? How much are you going to save for the accommodation?

Consider Crossroads Hostel Manila

When you've zeroed in staying in Mandaluyong City, there is Crossroads Hostel Manila. It is also a reliable accommodation for travelers who have scheduled activities and transactions in neighboring cities such as Makati, San Juan, and Pasig. It's a few meters away from a major corner in EDSA which provides easy access to the airport, two nearby malls (Shangri-la Plaza Mall and SM Megamall). Its exact location is a residential area which automatically solves city dwelling hazards such as vehicular and commercial establishment noise. Most of all, an overnight stay can set you back for P500 only. That's less than half of a standard room rate at a budget hotel.

Accessibility To Nearby Malls

I tested staying at Crossroads Hostel Manila a few weeks ago on the same night I was going to have a food tasting event in a neighboring city. Once I checked myself in, I was ready to go out for the event. Unfortunately, a brief rainstorm had me stranded in Mandaluyong City even before I could start my commute. As a secondary option, I watched a movie in a nearby mall which was just a walking distance away from the hostel.

Remarkable Shower and Sleeping Space

It was already late at night when I returned to the hostel for a lengthy shower before retiring. I noticed that the bathroom was awfully clean. The fixtures seemed to be well maintained and functioning well.

The lights were all dim at the living room and receiving area so I snuggled into bed right away. I occupied one level of two bunk beds in a small room. The other beds were empty that night. The wall paint looked bright in light green which looked fancy. I appreciated that there were bed curtains for privacy if four people were occupying the room. There was also a reading lamp light per occupant. Laid out on my bed were the hostel's assigned towel and toilet paper.

The Dining Table For Interaction

I had a restful sleep and awoke to a complimentary breakfast set of tea and bread snacks. It was there at the dining area when I met another hostel guest named Charles who was checked in for 10 days from Mindanao. He and a companion were in Metro Manila for a training session for teachers. They chose it over another inn for its accessibility to their target training center. There were foreigner guests also that day but they were still sound asleep at 6:00am.

With hostel guest, Charles, from Mindanao
It was also then when I appreciated how spacious the hostel's living and receiving rooms looked from the dining table. It looked cozy especially with the koi pond set against the living room wall.

Kitchen and Laundry Areas

The kitchen looked phenomenal to me as it seemed to be complete with a lot of compartments for various utensils and wears that guests can use. I left a Krispy Kreme donut inside the refrigerator the night before and had it heated in a toaster for my additional morning snack.

I spotted the hostel's laundry area and it looked organized as well. However, there was no need for me to use it as I was staying only for a night.

Worth A Series of Stays In Busy Metro Manila

Overall, Crossroads Hostel Manila is an accommodation that's not shy to be spick-and-span. It might have started operation last year but it still looks relatively brand new looking at its facade and seeing its interiors. The guests seem to be imbibing the organized mindset of hostel owner Kristoffer Atienza and for that more guests, local and foreign, can expect a similar atmosphere and experience for years to come.

For a map of where the hostel is located, visit Crossroads Hostel Manila's fan page.

C R O S S R O A D S   H O S T E L   M A N I L A  

Address: 76 Mariveles Street, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Phone: (02) 514-0660

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  1. Looks like a good place to stay. Any idea how much a dorm bed a night costs?

    1. For P500 a night, you have a free bread snack and coffee for breakfast to go with the accommodation.

  2. The place is a bit small but very cozy. I think I can have a good day staying on this hostel.


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