Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

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I've stayed in countless number of standard class hotels in Metro Manila for various reasons as a city resident. There was a time when I checked in for a month at a San Juan City-based hotel to lend my room to a visiting relative. I've celebrated two of my birthdays at a Mandaluyong-based hotel because it was near a favorite mall of mine where I met friends for extended celebrations.

If there was a value-for-stay hotel that can serve as an overnight respite from the hustle-and-bustle of the city and the demands of being at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Remington Hotel would be on the top of the list.

Unique Attributes

My recent stay at this Pasay City hotel was unique. My floor-to-ceiling view was the sprawling property of the airport and not just any ordinary landscape. Next to the building is not an ordinary mall -- it's the famous integrated tourist destination called Resorts World. I later had the chance to sample drinks and a few exotic delicacy at its bar where the ambiance was electrifying. The hotel's hallways are spacious and felt above its class. Plus, the lobby and reception areas looked 5-star in any angle. For a value-for-stay hotel, such unique attributes are hard to come by in a metropolis that's constantly stressed out from worldly issues.

No-Fuss Booking

One big issue that I think a guest won't have with Remington Hotel is not being able to book a room especially in the dead of the night or the wee hours. With a total of 712 appointed rooms, there is always a room tidied up and prepared to welcome a tired traveler.

I mingled with some guests during my buffet breakfast in the morning of my overnight stay and I found out that some of them hailed from as far as provinces in northern part of the Philippines. They were to visit various destinations in the Visayas region. Some guests were fresh from local and foreign flights and they simply opted to stay at Remington Hotel as a jump off point back to their respective homes. I realized that such accommodation decisions were reasonable because the hotel is just across the airport and will not require guests to shell out a big amount of money. Those guests put in high regard the relaxation part of arrival and departure so much so that they've included in their itinerary an overnight or two nights of amusement at the hotel and its neighboring establishments.

The Basic Stuff

My room had all the basic stuff that a traveler can hope for -- a decent bathroom and bed, a remarkable window view, and a big flat screen TV. Just outside the room, a vending machine was within reach to perk up any quick hunger or thirst.

Topnotch Security

Since Metro Manila could sometimes be a very unsafe place to live in as with any progressive metropolis, security is always a big issue with hotel guests like me. And during my stay at Remington Hotel, I initially felt safe aboard its elevator that would bring me to my room's floor because my assigned key card also served as my elevator key. This security feature ascertains that no unsuspecting non-hotel guest would be lurking in hallways and knocking on doors of guests.

A Peek of the Hotel's Premier Room

I had the chance to view the hotel's latest newly-designed Premier Room. The concept accommodation offers a stylish experience that incorporates a homey feel to your standard hotel room stay. It's got fine details that accentuate a guest's relaxing stay from the sliding wooden door partition to the simple indoor plant by the room's dining area.

My stay at Remington Hotel was only for a night but the experience was pleasant. The management seems to be on top of the basic necessities and it's what a hotel guest deserves before any unnecessary service embellishments that deceive the senses.

F O R   I N Q U I R I E S

Trunk Line: +63(2) 908 8600
Sales and Marketing: +63(2) 908 8000 ext. 7926
Email: reservation@rwmanila.com

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Email: christine.ibarreta@rwmanila.com

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  1. Good to know there will always be a room available at the Remington if I end up in Mandaluyong!

    How much did it cost per night?

    1. The published rate was roughly P5k. Other similar class hotels that I've been to charge as much or even more and those are located in places far from the airport. Remington Hotel, however, is conveniently located right across it.

  2. looks expensive pero no hassle naman pala yung booking.

    1. Yeah that's what another Facebook friend of mine also opined, Phioxee. It looks posh but the rate is one that's value-class. With that much room at the hotel, it's hard to not have any accommodation when you need it in the area.

  3. Thank you for sharing about this fantastic hotel in Mandaluyong. Remington Hotel is definitely a place to stay. Jones Lander of Hotel Management System, Jinisys Software Inc., Ground Floor Cebu Holdings, Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu 6000, (032) 415 8647


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