Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013




Tucked away in the sleepy district of Bacon as part of Sorsogon City is Paguriran Island which I stumbled upon online when planning my Bicol region trip.

I set out to see this tiny rock and coral islet one weekend last March as my one and only beach getaway during my 2-day visit of Sorsogon.

After what seemed to be a very long jeepney ride from the bus terminal of Sorsogon City, I finally stood at the dirt road of barangay Sawangga like an espasol. There were minutes of seeing remarkable sites during the 1-hour ride such as picturesque rice fields and hills but the road to Paguriran Island felt long and winding. I dozed on and off as a passenger oblivious of my destination.

Holy Week Visit

It was the Holy Week during my visit so most of the locals in the barangay converged at the beach resort that opens to Paguriran Island. The adults were sheltered at the resort cottages for videoke and alcoholic drinks. As for the kids and teenagers, the shallow beach area and the saltwater lagoon of the nearby island provided temporary sanctuary from prying eyes of parents and uncles. The island, by then, was accessible on foot because the water seemed to have receded much from the beach leaving pockets of shallow water and pinkish white sand for toddlers to enjoy even without adult supervision.

A Nice Surprise At The Center

From the shallow beach waters, Paguriran Island looked uninteresting. A closer look proved me wrong. I approached the foot of the craggy rocks that form its wall and it was then when I got mesmerized by the rock formations that jut out like a volcano crater. What seemed like a hallow center was actually a lagoon that used to be a sanctuary for giant sea turtles.

During my visit, the waters were shallow, revealing rocks of different sizes, but on better days the lagoon was filled by sea water.

The View From The Top

The rock walls already have a few very narrow pathways that were cleared for people to step on and reach the top for a view of the coast of Sawangga. I checked out the views myself and there was not a single direction on top of the island that was not fancy to look at. A glance in one side made me see more rock islets nearby. I would have wanted to linger there for thirty minutes more but the heat of the sun was getting terribly painful already. I was only able to endure staying because of the fresh sea breeze and the shade provided by a few plants.

T H E   C O M M U T E   B A C K   T O   S O R S O G O N   C I T Y 

Commuting back to Sorsogon City entailed me to be more patient as jeepneys plying the road for the city were scarce. I was almost about to hitch a ride on a pickup to save me from paying P40 when I spotted an approaching jeepney after waiting for almost 15 minutes. It gets worse in the late afternoon so make your day trips early in the day.

More Photos Below:

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  1. Linaw ng tubig bro! Sarap mag summer dito!

    1. Yeah I also noticed that and it was exciting. Bihira kasi ako makakita ng ganyang ka-clear na tubig sa beach. Punta ka na!

  2. this is similar to siargao's magpupungko... hmmm... i want to check this out myself! :D

    1. I will surely consider visiting magpupungko then once mag-further south na ako late this year or next year. Thanks, Lakbay Diva!


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