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It's a typical opinion among local travelers that the breeze in the provinces smell and feel better than in progressive cities, including Metro Manila. More and more people are starting to opine that the fast-paced lifestyle of Filipinos in the urban areas is starting to affect in a bad way the environment that they are living in. Just imagine my curiosity when wellness experts at the Zenyu Eco Spa confirmed this perception.

You probably know by now that next to the Manila Ocean Park is where a water-themed hotel called Hotel H20 is nestled. It's the same venue where I recently sampled a few wellness services of the hotel's Zenyu Eco Spa.

My Fish Spa experience

The Only Negative Ion Hotel In The World

The Zenyu credo is simple. One's environment can be culprit to degenerative diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Most of the time, our immune system is being subjected to so-called positive ions that abound where we live or work and this exposure allows bacteria and viruses to affect our daily living. These positive ions, believe it or not, are caused by certain imbalances or abusive practices in our environment.

Interestingly, Hotel H20 was conceptualized and constructed with a careful consideration for building on negative ions so that every guest's stay is not just lavish but also healthy. Similarly, the hotel's in-house Zenyu Eco Spa operates on such goal.

Hotel H20 Lounge Area
Inside one of the hotel rooms at Hotel H20, overlooking the Manila Bay

I discovered this amazing healing experience during my visit of the spa at the only negative ion hotel in the world, Hotel H20. The wellness center is aptly called Zenyu because the term actually means "complete healing" in Japanese.

Capillary Test

With a brief test of how my capillaries function on a fancy computer monitor that the spa has, I found out that once an Ecoparadise (a spa product) material is placed on my hand, the circulation becomes faster and more enhanced. In the long run, frequent exposure to the material becomes healthy.

My capillary test prior to experiencing the spa services
The wonderful view outside the spa
Submerged in the fish jacuzzi
Two ways for me to further experience such healthy exposure was to enjoy the spa's Full Body Fish Spa service (P350) and the Hot Bed Treatment (P450).

Full Body Fish Spa

The Ocean Park offers a fish spa experience wherein you simply dip your feet for fish to bite on your dead skin. At Zenyu Spa, the experience is bolder. Its fish jacuzzi allowed me to submerge my body up to my neck and let the assigned school of janitor fish do its 30-minute healing activity. Initially, the experience felt ticklish and odd but as I stayed there submerged, the parts of my skin where the biting action was being done soon felt numb. I immediately coped with the unconventional massage.

The view from the hotel lounge area
Inside the Hot Bed Treatment room
Hot Bed Treatment

I proceeded next to the spa's Hot Bed Treatment room where four Ecoparadise mats were laid out for guests to rest on, exposing the body to the healing negative ions. The interior walls were designed with bricks enhanced with negative ions as well to optimize one's sauna experience. While I lied there with my sweat dripping, I noticed that the air was not filled with perspiration smell at all.

Swedish Massage

Just for kicks, I also sampled Zenyu Eco Spa's signature Swedish massage which guests can avail for 60 minutes (P950) or 90 minutes (P1,450) or 120 minutes (P1800). The masseuse assigned to me was engaging and had good hands that my 5-minute nap after felt like a very sound 4-hour sleep.

Guests staying at Hotel H20 can avail of the massage inside their rooms for an additional fee of P100 only.

Z E N Y U   E C O  S P A   O P E R A T I N G   H O U R S 

Saturday-Thursday: 10:00am-11:00pm
Friday and Saturday: 10:00am-12:00am

Call (02) 238-6190 or visit the Hotel H20 website.

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  1. i love, love, love this! zenyu ecospa is a must try!

    1. I agree, Jeman. The services I tried were unconventional that they were so interesting. They're worth many repeats!

  2. This might sound kinda nasty, but I get amused with your selfies.hahaha! Awesome spa, but quite far from my place. :P

    1. Sama ka minsan if I have a day trip somewhere near your location.

  3. im curious about the fish spa experience. meron kasi yang dito, bt im quite anxious about how it feels. ;-) at ang gara ng hotel.

    1. it was ticklish at first but i got used to it after a few minutes.

  4. I am completely impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.


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