Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday, April 04, 2013

L E G A Z P I   C I T Y


My second time in Legazpi City, Albay was a getaway sandwiched by a side trip to the Bicol provinces of Camarines Sur and Sorsogon. Just a few months ago, I stayed at the swanky The Oriental-Legazpi for my first Albay visit. This time, though, my accommodation had to be on a tight budget. It should be more affordable than the hotel where the Queen of Spain stayed in last year.

My target budget hotel: Ellis Ecotel. The affordable Legazpi City-based hotel may not be considered luxurious but its rooms and facilities are a notch higher than the city's numerous budget hotels.

Hotel Location

Located at the upper level of the city's newest mall, the Embar- cadero, Ellis Ecotel is a cheaper version of the luxurious Hotel St. Ellis. Knowing that both hotels partially share a common name, I made sure that I clarified that with the tricyle driver that I hailed upon arriving at the Legazpi City Central Terminal.

Affordable Accommodation

The accommodation that I got was the Standard Single since I was traveling alone anyway. For an affordable rate of P1,100 per night, the room was a good fit for me. I fancy small spaces and the room type enabled me to move about effectively without feeling overwhelmed.

Various Room Types

The hotel has other room types which include a Standard Double, a Superior Queen, a Deluxe Twin (with seaside view), a Handicapped Suite and a Deluxe Double (with seaside view).

Maritime Interior Design

I adored the ship cabin concept of Ellis Ecotel's rooms. And why not make it so since the mall where the hotel is at is called Embarcadero which is a Spanish term for landing place of ships on an inland waterway? I'm glad that the hotel management went for the maritime interior design direction. My booked room may not have a window for a room view of the city harbor and the splendid Mount Mayon, but stepping out of the hotel provided me a sprawling viewing deck of those views.

Buffet Breakfast

If other budget hotels only included a single serving of breakfast in the accommodation rates, my reservation at Ellis Ecotel allowed me to enjoy the benefit of a breakfast buffet. Buffets are known to include a variety of drinks and viands, plus salads and fruits which were all available during my breakfast at the hotel.

I recommend Ellis Ecotel for travelers who want to save money but are not willing to compromise quality of accommodation and services.

For more information, check out the Ellis Ecotel's official website.

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    1. Definitely! The bfast buffet did it for me.

  2. Do they have rooms for 3? It seems they don't have...


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