Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday, April 08, 2013

O R G A N I C   C A F E 

T A S T E   T E S T

As a city dweller, I don't only settle for drinking instant coffee at home. I also make sure to visit one expensive cafe every week just for the heck of it. However, I've always yearned for a coffee fix that's less expensive than Starbucks but more stylish and healthier than your average 3-in-one blend.

With the arrival of Green Bean Organic Coffee Co. (GBOCC), I am presented with the option of a less expensive cafe experience (a signature blend called Eco Blend costs P65) but for a healthier purpose because the blends at GBOCC are 100% organic and does not use refined sugar.

Decadent Lava Cake (P140) and a cup of Eco Blend (P65)

I've always stayed away from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for somehow making my tummy suffer only after taking a few sips of its blends, so imagine my sigh of relief when Green Bean Organic Coffee Co.'s Eco Blend passed my tummy test.

Dr. Eric Tan of GBOCC

Rustic Interiors

Another thing that I fancied about the cafe was the use of matwood salvaged from the local harbor. The cafe interior, as a result, looks rustic and makes it easier for customers to chill.

100% Stuff That Matters 

GBOCC's beans are 100% Arabica. It's more fragile than Robusta coffee plants which makes it higher in quality. Supplied by New York-based Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, the cafe's blends reflect the same quality of coffee pursuit. And the pursuit involves 100% handpicked beans, plus Arabica and Robusta are not unnecessarily mixed to play with the flavor. Most of all, the supply is backed up by a US Department of Agriculture certificate for organic quality.

GBOCC branch at Hotel H20 in Manila

World Class Supplier

I recently found out from one of the owners of GBOCC, Dr. Eric Tan, that Irving Farm Coffee Roasters was recently voted number 1 in the top 10 artisanal food find must-try in New York. If that isn't enough caffeine punch to wake up the competition, I don't know what is! He also shared that freshness is a plus factor when it comes to their 2-day supply delivery process compared to bigger cafes that take weeks to stock supplies.

Doctors At The Helm

What makes this cafe more interesting is that there are more doctors who are part of the business. With them at the helm, Green Bean Organic Coffee Co. is instantly not just a fad. It's suddenly a pursuit for healthy drinking of coffee for the long haul.

Banana Chips and Oatmeal Cookie
Green Bean Matcha Blend (P105)

They're Expanding 

With two established branches in Metro Manila -- at Hotel H20 in Manila and at St. Lukes in Quezon City, the Philippines' latest coffee hub is poised  to open its Tagaytay City branch months from now. I was informed that GBOCC founder, Dr. Gary Bonagan, will make sure to showcase his own piano as the centerpiece of the Tagaytay-based cafe's 2nd floor that has a wonderful view of the Taal Lake.

A simple visit at the existing branches of the cafe is also not just about coffee. Other interesting treats are also available to compliment the caffeine experience.

Miscellaneous Treats

My recent weekend visit enabled me to sample the following:

•  Decadent Lava Cake (P140) - Not all-fluff nor heavy on the tummy

•  Oatmeal Cookie (P50) - Interestingly moist

•  Revel Bar (P50) - Moist chocolate with oatmeal

I also got to sample GBOCC's Blended Cream and Blended Coffee chillers and what I consider as my favorite was the Green Bean Matcha Blend (P105).

When asked how he and his fellow doctors see their cafe venture in 2 to 3 years, Dr. Eric Tan replied that 100 stores for a more healthy option for people like me is a nice future.

A D D I T I O N A L   D I N I N G   T I P

When in Green Bean Organic Coffee Co., you should also try its wine soda called Vignette.

<< That's me with GBOCC's Dr. Tan.

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  1. Shet. Naglaway ako dun sa mamasa-masang lava cake.

    1. Ma-masa-masa rin naman photo ko ah he-he. Uy, I gave the good word to my event specialist friend about you. Sana he invites you, too, soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I will keep a note on this. We are organizing a learning event for social enterprises engaging on coffee. Would you know how we can make contact with Dr. Tan?

    1. You can search for Eric Tan on Facebook (the one with the Greenbean logo as profile pic) and directly send him a message there.

  3. Dapat may watermark photos mo baka manakaw... Nice article. Thanks for sharing. Sino yang event specialist friend mo? Pakilala mo naman sa akin. Hahahahaha.

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