Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

B A G U I O   C I T Y


Baguio City and I are no strangers to each other. I've seen her one too many times as a kid and as a young professional.

My latest visit of her was with my family just this March of 2013. I scheduled our trip on the last day of the city's famous Panagbenga Festival, the day without the crowd... when most local tourists have already gone back home to their respective provinces. My chosen accommodation was at the Microtel Suites.

Good Reviews Online

I've long been informed about online reviews by other travelers regarding their stay at Microtel Suites-Baguio. All of them are good ones. I also discovered a lot of bad reviews about other hotels and transient houses. News about theft in the middle of the night, hauntings of spooky spectres, and bad facilities turned me off. Such news made me all the more trust in my hotel of choice.

Next To Victory Liner Bus Terminal

First of all, I chose Microtel for being next to the Victory Liner bus terminal at the heart of Baguio City. My relatives are not that young anymore and so I wanted them to immediately be able to check in and rest. I adored the walkway that connects the bus terminal to the hotel because it literally eliminates the unnecessary transition process of having to hail a cab and wait it out during the ride. When you traveled 6 hours from Manila to Baguio City, the last thing you wanted to do was travel again. The short walk on the walkway was enough minutes of stretching our limbs.

Free Flowing Coffee

Secondly, all of us are coffee addicts. We're beach type of travelers and are not that at home with cold weather. The combination of those traits easily made me like Microtel Suites-Baguio's free flowing coffee at the hotel lobby.

Accommodation and Staff

As I expected to see, the rooms we stayed in were both clean, with soft sheets, comfortable beds and soft pillows, and with a good view of the city proper. I appreciate that the flooring is wooden and that the centerpiece of the room is not the television set.

The staff at the reception were also friendly and helpful. I asked about various tourist spots and they gladly answered my inquiries. They even gave me a map of the city and marked the locations of our target destinations.

Access To Taxi Cabs and Booking Discount

Hailing a cab for day trips elsewhere in front of the hotel was also convenient. It seemed that taxi cabs pass by the hotel every 30 seconds on average.

The best part about my stay at Microtel Suites-Baguio? I got a P1,000 discount per room that I booked from their published rate (P4k +). I simply requested for it over the phone and they granted it.

Booking Tip: Reserve a room online on Microtel Suites-Baguio's official website and you can get roughly P2,000 in discount from the published rates.

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    1. You should visit Baguio City soon and stay there, michy!

  2. Panagbenga Festival (English: Flower Festival) is a month-long annual flower festival occurring in Baguio.


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