Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

B A G U I O   C I T Y


I've been to Baguio City's Mines View Park countless of times as a kid and a young professional. Every visit was always with family and friends. The environment does make it so -- a family and friendly affair -- because when it comes down to the tourist spot's main attraction, viewing the Cordillera mountains is best done with loved ones.

A lot has changed since my last visit of the famous viewing deck in Baguio City. It was more congested with souvenir shops. The St. Bernard dog photo opportunity stalls have more than tripled. Gone were the boys in Igorot costume by the cliff. The immediate view of the landscape below by the viewing deck was visible with more houses.

Meal of the St. Bernard dog
Park Origin

For those who only know the park to be a viewing area of the Cordillera mountains, Mines View Park started as a gold and copper mining town by the Americans. Good or bad, the modern changes still left me thankful. I was glad that Mines View Park is still around for young people to visit.

Giddy First-timers

I tagged along with me two relatives who visited Baguio City for the first time so visiting the park made them extra giddy. It was fun watching them appreciate the crowded tourist spot, buying various souvenirs that were more specialized in selection compared to selections at the city market and donning traditional Igorot dresses for photo opportunities. To my surprise, I found out from them that we still have lots of relatives who  have not visited Baguio City.

We dropped by the place at past 10:00 am so we were able to see more people arrive by the minute. Most of them would stay 15 to 30 minutes then leave for another tourist spot.

Every City Needs An Enduring Attraction

Being there this 2013 made me nostalgic. I recall seeing old photographs of my old auntie and late uncle having their honeymoon photo taken at the Mines View Park. I was also able to rummage through old 3R photographs of me as a kid with cousins and as a young professional with friends at the same viewing deck. I guess every famous city needs such an enduring attraction.

Click on this Baguio City map for helpful directions.

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