Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

L A T I N 




I normally decide where to eat for meetups with friends and relatives. An afternoon catching up with a schoolmate who have traveled to Europe and South America was in order a few weeks ago. That time, though, I let him decide where to go since he has clearly been exposed to more culinary treats than me.

Our dining destination: Brasas at Podium, Ortigas Center in Mandaluyong City. My friend's assurance: anything that's Latin American-inspired is fun. My expectations: none. I was being brave that afternoon for a very late lunch. I was simply hungry so I had to trust his instincts.

Torn Between Orders and Interior

I skipped the ordering part and let my friend allow the Brasas crew recommend two orders for us -- a Grilled Beef Wrap (P220) and a Pork Rice Platter (P190).

The fancy street-oriented restaurant interior attracted me so much that I had to stare at the walls one too many times while our orders were being prepared. The wall decoration reminded so much of my Fine Arts years at the University of Santo Tomas. The surroundings looked so much like school projects that we had for exhibit back in the day.

I have not been to interesting South American countries such as Peru, Chile or Brazil but I get the feeling that Brasas is successful in indirectly capturing the street food environment by translating it through strong cultural and political colors that are fancied in that part of the world. The small dining area's red and black base colors exude the romanticism of hiding in alleys of Latin America's key cities to meet in secret with revolutionaries and movement leaders.

Tearing Into The Grilled Beef Wrap

Our orders finally came after 5 minutes and I immediately noticed how fragrant the beef was on the grilled wrap. I grabbed my share of the wrap with one hand, supported its tip where the stuffed beef was showing and took a big, fearless bite. Yum! The meat was quite tender. It was flavorful. I loved the evident taste of pepper and the hint of lemon. I can just imagine eating it inside the bus or while waiting at the queue for an FX ride. It's not as messy to tear into like most street snacks that I've tested eating while on the go. One just needs to know where to safely hold the wrap with one or two hands so as not to spill the filling.

If there's anything that Brasas is about, it's the restaurant's grilled wrap lineup. The rest of the items in their menu is just a bonus. First-time guests like me should try the wraps for an initial visit and simply return to the place for more of their Latin American selections.

Don't be afraid to order the wraps for takeout. It's street food anyway.

More Photos Below:

Our Pork Rice Platter order

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  1. Ohhh, looks interesting! Plus I love the walls. Will check this out when I visit the area. :)

    1. I agree. They're mesmerizing to the eyes.

  2. really nice photos. I'll try it pag napadpad malapit dyan.

  3. Very interesting yung details ng walls. will check this place :)


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