Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday, February 09, 2013



I N   L I N G A Y E N

I don't mind a beach full of people. With pun intended, it makes the area grounded. Playful island or mainland inhabitants always spruce up a boring shoreline of surf and sand. However, there are times when there isn't a single soul in sight. You stand alone confronted by the open sea and the breeze that can make you perceive the world to be so, so cold.

At Pangapisan's share of long shoreline, one weekend morning, I was standing alone but not lonely. I was terribly excited that I wanted to go skinny-dipping!

The State of Barangay Pangapisan

The beach extends as far as the eyes can see as Lingayen Gulf in Pangasinan. It's fronting the El Puerto Marina Resort & Spa where I stayed for an overnight accommodation this early February. Barangay Pangapisan is actually a fishing community but for the past few years has attracted more and more Lingayen residents to build modern houses as part of it.

I noticed the surf area to be remarkably flat making the beach good for kids. The gray sand only became uneven past 10 to 15 meters from the surf area.

To Skinny-dip Or Not

Stuffed with boneless bangus for free breakfast at the resort, I was feeling pleasant that sunny morning. The fishermen have left the area and the resort guests were killing the swimming pool. Joggers were already done with their routine and no one was left at the beach except for me.

I couldn't strip down to my skivvy because I was already wearing my swim shorts (one does not have to wear briefs under one when going swimming). I innocently lowered my swim shorts to test the environment. Half a butt crack wouldn't be scandalous I thought. I could always reason out that I was merely adjusting my swimwear. Anyway, I did not proceed with the deed. I still felt the need to be conservative. I ran around like a crazy person doing high kicks, other kung-fu poses, and making a sand angel. I guess those were still conservative enough for beach onlookers if they were even there by accident.

By the time I was done with beach bumming that morning, I recalled how I was as happy when I was abandoned to my solitary accommodation at the Pannzian Beach Resort in Pagudpud a few months back.

C H E C K   O U T   M Y   O T H E R   L I N G A Y E N - B A S E D   P O S T S

Sunday Morning Catch At Lingayen

The Attractions of El Puerto Marina Resort & Spa 

More Photos:

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