Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday, February 03, 2013

L E G A Z P I  C I T Y


There are so many ways to view Mount Mayon in Legazpi City, Albay. One pleasant afternoon after my overnight accommodation at The Oriental-Legazpi, I took to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in Buraguis.

For almost two days, I failed to see Mayon Volcano in all its glory. The crater would always be hidden by puffs of cloud whenever I'd attempt to view it in various places in the city. It was like she was mocking me. Traveling 9 hours by bus to Albay from Metro Manila was just a waste of time, I was starting to tell myself. I was afraid that the elusive view was not mine to have that weekend of late January. Just like a long-standing dream that's not destined to be mine, any effort to see the volcano's full shape seemed to amount to nothing.

There I was climbing the steep walkway to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine and still nothing. On my way to the top, I passed by life-sized displays of Jesus Christ's passion of the cross. I learned from a resident of the place that during Holy Week, the pilgrim line of faithful Catholics would cover the whole walkway from the shrine to the street below.

Reaching The Top

Once in front of the shrine entrance, I got a glimpse of the image of the Lady of Guadalupe that's way further up. There was a couple in a sweet embrace at its foot so I did not bother reaching the spot anymore.

I was told by a caretaker in the area that the property where the shrine is at is a private one and that it's open to the public as a religious gesture of its late owner who dreamed about setting up the place for a chapel.

Shrine Construction

Finances used to construct the shrine and stations of the cross came from donations from various entities. The construction happened from June to December in 1995.

As Crisis Center For Couples

The place was to also serve as a crisis center for married couples according to the owner's mystical dream. Maybe that explains the two sweethearts I saw in warm embrace at the foot of the Lady of Guadalupe image.

Revelation of Mount Mayon

Just as I was to go down, I gazed at the wonderful landscape of Legazpi City that was visible from the chapel. Then lo and behold the almost full shape of Mount Mayon that seemed to stare back at me! That did it for me that late afternoon. I was ready to leave Albay and return to Metro Manila with a content heart.

Viewing Mount Mayon's peak

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