Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, February 04, 2013

D A R A G A    D E T O U R

How long can one hold on for one's dear life?

Churches, like people, are not meant to look the same for a long time. We all crumble and fade away.

During my Albay visit a few weeks ago, I saw how experts were trying to save the original look of the facade of the Daraga Church in the town of Daraga in Albay. Extending its life for its church-goers and visiting tourists was in place.

Walking around the area, I noticed that two sides of the church's bell tower were installed with a protective net for the experts to work on. The conservation work involved apprentices to apply lime on the church facade. The effort is promising everyone to extend the life of the facade design, especially since the church itself took on its wing generations of Cagsawa-based Catholics whose ancestors transferred church-going from the church ruins near Mount Mayon to Daraga Church.

The church was ordered to be built by the Franciscan priests during the Spanish era. Filipinos labored to complete its construction in 1773. It was later on used by the Japanese soldier invaders as headquarters during the second world war. Its eastern and western facades, plus its bell tower and baptistery are considered a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum which was announced in 2007.

The afternoon of my visit blessed me with just enough sunshine to capture the church from the outside. I was hoping to view the full shape of Mount Mayon from the area but the gloomy weather did not permit me to do so. I would later on achieve my goal in another spot in Legazpi City. See my post about that here.

So how long can one hold on for one's dear life? I guess with the help of experts, for a lot more time.

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