Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013
A Gantea Eastwood Mall branch

My 2nd favorite flavor -- Pear Fruit!

M I L K   T E A   T A S T E   T E S T

Since I'm a milk tea aficionado, I did not let a taste test invite by fast-emerging milk tea store franchise A Gantea pass me by.

There's a glut of milk tea stores already in Metro Manila and most of them are from Taiwan, so it's really hard to tell difference already between what's delicious and refreshing and what's not. I was ready to judge A Gantea's roster of milk tea flavors as such until I tasted its Hawaii Fruit Tea fix.

My Hawaiian High

Of the 6 milk tea flavors that A Gantea let me sample that night at its newest branch at Eastwood Mall (as of February, 2013), the one that appealed strongly to me was the Hawaiian Fruit Tea flavor. It was fierce in flavor and not zest-shy. Its jasmine tea base came with a fancy mix of two tropical fruits that were in season at the store. The tropical freshness was noticeably tingling in my mouth and throat with every sip. I loved how inventive this flavor is because I'm yet to see it at competing stores' lineup of tea fixes.

My most favorite flavor -- Hawaiian Fruit Tea!

Pear-fectly Refreshing

Another favorite of mine during the taste test was the Pear Fruit Tea which was evidently thirst-quenching with its simple but refreshing pear flavor. The alpine tea used by A Gantea was handpicked in Taiwan and the crew tossed in white crystals and agar bits (a popular Japanese red bean jelly) which delightfuly decorated the bottom part of the cup.

There were other flavors that I sampled but A Gantea's Hawaiian Fruit Tea and Pear Fruit fixes are enough to make me spread the good word about the milk tea store.

First Encounter

I happened to first get a taste of A Gantea at its Robinsons-Ermita branch after my hotel stay review of Gran Prix Econotel a few months ago. I recall loving the straightforward vanilla goodness of the Vanilla Milk Tea that I ordered.

Upcoming Stores

If you're residing in San Juan City or The Fort, you'll be fortunate to be in close proximity to future stores of A Gantea at The Promenade and SM-The Fort, respectively, three months from now (May, 2013). For now you can also visit its Greenbelt branch aside from the new Eastwood Mall store.

With Joy Gomez of A Gantea

Special thanks to Joy Gomez of A Gantea who happily shared with me that the store's owner Mr. Co even personally does the taste test of milk tea flavors to make sure that they appeal to increasing college students and young professional customers.

Thank you also to Khaezel Espiritu and Open Rice Philippines.

M O R E   M I L K   T E A


+ Simple Line Milk Tea

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More Photos:

A Gantea Robinsons-Ermita branch during my visit last year
The Chewy-chewy flavor
Inside the Eastwood Mall branch

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