Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, February 01, 2013


W E A T H E R 


Monday mornings are usually spent rushing to the workplace be it at the office or the marketplace. Most people in Metro Manila are either going home from night shift work or battling it out with other passengers for commute.

Such day for me this week was spent aboard the HM Transport bus in Cubao, Quezon City with a lightweight bag. No long line. The buses at the terminal were leaving every 12 minutes. I was off to Calamba, Laguna to have a hot spring break from the cold weather that's enveloped the metro. My goal: to have a day tour relaxation.

In less than two hours, I was already at 88 Hot Spring Resort & Spa in Calamba. I simple got off right in front of the resort and paid P500 at the reception area for a day tour. I rented a towel for P5 and proceeded to check out the sprawling 100,000 square meter property. I definitely had fun trying out both the 41°C and 45°C hot spring jacuzzis atop the hillside of the resort. I also enjoyed the pleasantries of garden strolling.

After a hefty lunch of sweet & sour meatballs and calamansi juice at the resort restaurant, I proceeded to try the place's main pool. Just as I expected, it had lukewarm water. And it should because the site is at the foot of dormant volcano, Mount Makiling, and the last water temperature one can expect was a cold one. I spent the most time there submerged in the main pool because it allowed me to see a view of Mount Makiling and the well-manicured garden surrounding the facility.

I spotted a large pond nearby for fishing and boating but no one was using it that day. For awhile, I almost forgot that it was Monday morning and most people were at work. I spent a few minutes strolling by the pond that's situated at the far side of the property. The area was like a separate leisure place from the hot spring pools. Once I was there, my eyes saw nothing but green which was somehow a therapy in itself seeing the grassy plain, the vast pond, and a bigger view of Mount Makiling. Walking further I spotted also a small organic farm where the restaurant harvests its vegetables.

By 4:00pm, I was done with my day tour and I left the place satisfied. For countless of hours one hectic Monday, I experienced varying types of relaxation.

C O M M U T E   B A C K   H O M E 

I simply hailed an HM Transport bus across 88 Hot Spring Resort & Spa back to Metro Manila.

88 Hotspring
Phone: 0906-403-9751

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  1. wow cool place.. will visit it soo. thanks for the review


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