Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the so-called floral houses proliferated in Binondo. One such floral house was called Casa Bizantina, a bahay-na-bato structure originally situated at the corner of Madrid and Peranubia streets, particularly in the barangay of San Nicolas.

At the resort-museum Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan, I was fortunate to have checked out the replica of Casa Bizantina. A certain Don Lorenzo del Rosario supervised the creation of the Neo-Bizantine style house. In its original form, it was eventually transformed into a school for grade school and high school students. It was refreshing to find a place for learning that looked lavish during its heyday.

Casa Bizantina from the outside

House Transformation

After the Second World War, the house was leased to various Filipino tenants. The living condition worsened at the location for housing 50 squatters lasting in 2009 until it was demolished. I even learned from our resort tour guide that some ornate embellishments at the ground floor of the house were rendered with gold paint to which the early tenants were oblivious.

House Design

Moorish doorways were noticeable inside Casa Bizantina which makes the place look opulent. I learned from the tour guide that the house is a perfect example of 3-storey houses that proliferated in the late 1800s. The ground floor being erected in stone was to ascertain the rest of the house from crumbling down during an earthquake.

The room accommodation for guests
Location Shoot of El Presidente the Movie

Fast-forward to 2012, I recognized Casa Bizantina while watching the George Estregan, Jr.-starrer El Presidente. Viva Films, as producer, used the house as production setting for at least two early scenes.

Room Accommodation

I was informed during the tour that a room at the ground floor of the house has been converted into a room accommodation for guests. My inspection of the room gave me chills because it looked spooky. I reckon that some guests like it that way -- ancient. I forgot how much it costs renting the room but it sure was way more pricey than my group's room accommodation at the resort-museum's hotel. I guess it was pricey because it will allow the guests to roam around the entirety of Casa Bizantina any time they want and not just during the guide-led tour.

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The ornate Casa Lubao of Pampanga

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  1. The paintings are magnificent! Interesting post! keep on writing. Happy New Year!

    -Missy of www.tamanggala.com

    1. Yes. The paintings added depth to the interior.

  2. gusto ko itong puntahan!!!

    karl, one last time
    visit ka sa The Deadbeat Club
    final post is up

    asahan kita don, ha

    1. 'Di nga?! Final post na talaga? Siguro magpapakasal ka na... LOL

  3. wow!! ang ganda ng lugar. nakakalula yung laki ng paintings.


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