Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

L E G A Z P I 



While checked in at The Oriental-Legazpi, I had the chance to visit a tourist attraction that was first discovered in 1945 by American soldiers who liberated Bicol, including Legazpi City. Simply called the Japanese- Built World War II Tunnel, the man-made hole was dug at Ligñon Hill by Japanese soldiers after they arrived to occupy the city in December 12, 1941.

The day of my visit was sunny and so the ground was not muddy. I easily climbed the short stairs going to the entrance of the tunnel where the lady caretaker and an effigy of a Japanese soldier were waiting for me. The latter is jokingly considered by most tourists to be the former's boyfriend. I initially felt my visit of the place was going to be amusing because of that rumor, plus the caretaker was exceptionally cheerful.

Gated Tunnel

The gated tunnel was still padlocked when I arrived, so she opened it for me. She opined that she had to keep it that way -- locked when not being used for tourism purposes -- to prevent any further stealing of the light bulbs by some local residents living nearby.

The Tunnel Now and Then

The tunnel seemed to be 3 feet in height in most areas and 4 feet in some, so I had to bend down to my waist (I stand 5'7.5") in the duration of my tunnel exploration which did not last more than 15 minutes. The caretaker shared that the L-shaped tunnel was originally longer back in WWII when it was said to stretch all the way to the city's municipal hall. The Japanese soldiers just had to collapse the soil in that stretch to probably evade the American liberators or permanently bury their ammunition. This was because the tunnel was created by the Japanese to store ammunition and a few other stuff during the war.

Most of the relics found inside the tunnel were already removed and are currently stored in another place. What's left there now are some effigies of the typical Japanese soldier which were used to scare off Filipinos and the invading forces of the United States.

Creepy Anecdote

According to the lady caretaker, she would only get a bit scared when inside the tunnel every afternoon of Tuesday and Friday. She couldn't explain why.

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H E L P F U L   L I N K 

Here's an online map for bus commuters from Metro Manila to Legazpi City.

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  1. This is pretty cool! Reminds me of the Japanese tunnels in Corregidor and the ones in Vietnam. Looking forward to more of your posts on Legazpi City! :)

  2. Creepy! I wonder happens every Tuesday and Friday...

    1. I did not ask the lady caretaker any more details about that because we were still inside the tunnel when she shared that information LOL I was wearing khaki pants and falling on my knees trying to get out was the last thing I wanted to do ha-ha!

  3. You just reminded me to include Corregidor soon in my travel plans. Nice. As for upcoming Legazpi City posts, I'm excited to post about the delicious Bicol Express Pasta that I sampled at the city center.


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