Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

L E G A Z P I  C I T Y


Being a resident of Luzon, I did not have any reason traveling to the Bicol region. I did not know of any relative living there. The only reason I considered the Bicol region for a visit was because of the majestic Mayon Volcano that I've seen in pictures countless of times in postcards and textbooks.

I recently found out that an uncle of mine has long relocated to Legazpi City, Albay where the volcano is located but that news came too late for me. I already booked a room at the hilltop-based The Oriental Hotel and was so looking forward to see the Philippine's sexy volcano from that vantage point.

The location of the hotel proved to be both luxurious and splendid for photo opportunities. It's raised higher than the whole of Legazpi City and so it's separated by the lush green of trees surrounding the structure. It's 5 minutes away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. Also, I discovered that the Mayon Volcano was strategically visible in various parts of the hotel.

I found out from a tour guide of Tourific Travel Services that Queen Sofia of Spain stayed at The Oriental's Governor Suite when she visited Albay last year to unveil the life-sized statue of Jose Maria Peñaranda, the first Spanish official to serve as Albay governor from 1834 to 1843.

Perhaps, the best part of the hotel is the spacious deck where the infinity pool is. During summertime, I can just imagine that part of the place to be less breezy and conducive for relaxing in a pool. My mid-January visit was nothing like that, of course. The kids didn't mind the very cool breeze of course. They conquered the pool with water fun for loot.

I stayed at the roof deck seated in one of the native woven couches for roughly one hour where I reflected on how I opened my 2013 local travels with a visit of Bicol's famous volcano.


Most Memorable Experience

My prize for dipping at the pool was the wonderful view of the Mayon Volcano. Some have it standing on a rice field or a public park or from the city market. I, however, set out to relax in an infinity pool overlooking the whole city of Legazpi and its famous volcano and I got it.

Fine Details

I especially loved the white and earth tones color scheme of the hotel's rooms. The accommodation proved to be quite elegant with various details like the modern office chair, the unassuming carpet design, and the stylish lamp tube.

My hotel van pickup

Room Accommodation

My room accommodation was the Deluxe Mountain which I got with a P1,000 discount from the original rate of P3,550. Included in the rate was breakfast for two people, plus use of the gym and the infinity pool. I requested for a van pickup from Legazpi City's Pacific Mall where I shopped for a while upon my arrival at the Legazpi Grand Central aboard a Cagsawa Bus.

Minor Glitch

My only regret was not being able to have a hot shower. I settled for a partly-cold-partly-lukewarm water temperature as the shower must have had issues with plumbing. I did not make a big deal out of it anymore with the housekeeping (except here so they can fix that glitch for long-term) because the faucet water did not have any problem anyway.

Will I recommend staying at The Oriental for a visit of Legazpi City? I sure will. Most of my Facebook friends are already interested to consider the hotel. I did not mind the 9-hour bus commute from Cubao, Quezon City to Legazpi City as I still have my no-plane-travel-for-Luzon-based-trips policy in check. My overnight stay at the hotel proved to be a much deserving Christmas gift that I did not give myself last month.

H E L P F U L   L I N K S 

Visit The Oriental Hotel's official website to know more about the place.

For a map of Legazpi City with The Oriental Hotel, click here.

Here's an online map for bus commuters from Metro Manila to Legazpi City.

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  1. clap clap. ganda ng details ng hotel. pangmayaman. ehehhhehe

  2. howoow! ang ganda ng hotel, pangmayaman! :D

    1. It does look expensive staying there but believe it or not the room rates are roughly P4k less than those in overrated resorts in Central Luzon and Batangas. I even got a discount.

  3. Great view! Parang gusto kong pumuntang Bicol and just stay there for a weekend. And I love infinity pools!

    1. Me, too! I love infinity pools, Astrid. The Oriental-Legazpi is situated on a hill giving the hotel a vantage viewpoint. Take note: the Queen of Spain stayed there.

  4. paano nyo po nakuha yung discount sa hotel?

    1. They have promos from time to time. When I scheduled my Legazpi City visit earlier this year, it turned out they had one that was ongoing.

  5. grabe ang ganda naman! bookmarked!
    That infinity pool overlooking Mayon Volcano is uber love!

    1. the hotel is on a hill kasi that's why. the place is a vantage point haha

  6. Sana pati mga trabahador nyo matinong kausap! Tsaka mga room dapat malinis! My experience with this hotel is bad ....sorry but first impression last!


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