Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

L E G A Z P I   C I T Y


Seldom do I encounter a city in Luzon that's complete with leisure spaces for the family. The modern mall does not qualify although it has become a landmark for local tourists like me when visiting a key city in a province.

Nothing compares to old-school leisure places like the kiddie playground, zoo, public parks, and, of course, what I adored when I recently visited Legazpi City -- the combo of all those in one place called Albay Park & Wildlife.

Reality Check: My Zoo-Oriented Life

As a former kid myself, I remember being taken to the park to ride my toy car with other kids who also had toy cars. I also remember being a young chaperon or buffer to dates of an auntie to a zoo. As time flew, more and more of these places have disappeared in Metro Manila. What I see these days are high-rise condominiums, imposing mall structures, and competing fast food joints. There seems to be more people, too. I honestly liken living in the city to touring a zoo.

A trio of owls

Abundance of Time In Albay Park & Wildlife

Surprisingly, in Legazpi City, the Albay Park & Wildlife provides its local residents a vast space for communing with nature and exotic animals. They also have that wide property for interacting with each other in the most natural ways and not with the kids tugging at their parents' shirts for more food and toys.

What's at an abundance at this public park was time for each other. I honestly remembered my fun times as a kid going out with my family when I saw a wooden boat with a dad, his wife and their two kids. Or probably those two kids were chaperoning for the guy and girl's date.

I visited the place on a Sunday afternoon, so there were naturally hundreds of kids when I arrived. The air was fresh. I saw lots of trees and there was a hill nearby which accentuated the lagoon area.

I would have ridden a sidecar that day at Albay Park & Wildlife but I did not have the time. I was barely a few hours from my booked bus back to Manila when I visited the place. It was something that's no longer visible in the National Capital Region. It has become a luxury to even have a space for riding bikes at the NCR if you don't own a house inside a posh subdivision.

It's good that today's kids are getting more sources for learning stuff, but the process of learning should also have a hands-on phase.

C H E C K   O U T   M Y   L E G A Z P I   C I T Y - D A R A G A   V I S I T

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Quick Alamids

A calculating eagle

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