Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday, November 03, 2012

T R A V E L  S T O P O V E R

I got invited yesterday to test a 2-hour (Yes. 2-hour.) massage package in Tomas Morato-Quezon City. I figured that aside from having the natural high of enjoying local tourism, it's also good for one's health to have travel stopovers for snacking and, as I experienced yesterday, wellness.

I normally have my body massaged at a certain spa every 2-3 months. I had one recently during and after my 5-day Ilocos Region vacation. What made this recent one interesting was the spa's emphasis on being the only organic spa in Quezon City. I found out the gravity of this fact when the receptionist further emphasized that the treatment would be done by therapists. I guess there was no tossing of the words masseuse and masseur anywhere in Soneva Organic Spa.

The 40th-Minute Massage Secret

I read somewhere that the real kick-starting goodness of a massage only happens on the 40th minute. The time that precedes it is, well, all ritual-oriented. This means that the first few instances of touch won't really be soothing. Forty minutes after a round of those and something stellar inside is sure to stir you.

Convinced to experience the 2-hour massage package, I set an appointment with Soneva Spa. What's more, the so-called couple's massage is good for 2 people -- better half, lovey-dovey, best friend, your mom or dad (How sweet!) or your neighborhood traveling blogger friend. It can be anyone because once everything is done, you can share the organic spa experience with more people like what I'm doing now.

The therapist assigned to me.

The 2-Hour Massage Test

I tagged kid-rearing blogger Jay (a.k.a. Daddy Kuri) of the Domesticated Daddy Diaries blog to accompany me for this 2-hour massage at Soneva Organic Spa. We chose the package with Body Mud-Jade Head Massage-and Soneva Signature Massage package (P2,050 for two people).

We were requested not to shower first because our respective therapists had to apply the moderately cold and aromatic white-colored mud on our bodies using a mud brush. The ritual was like how a chicken is marinated first, I guess, before being cooked. I was thinking, we must be good stuff or the good stuff was sure coming! I was told by my assigned therapist that the mud is a signature blend of various herbs and scents. Under low light, my companion and I actually looked like mud people at a trance disco.

After letting the mud dry for 10 minutes, we were told to take the shower so that the Soneva Signature Massage could commence. It was close to 20 or 30 minutes already. We added 5 minutes of the quick shower to our session time. The body massage lasted an hour or so. It was soothing. Loved the arm action flattening my back.

The hallway to the reception area
The session culminated with the very interesting Jade Head Massage. I honestly would kill for a head massage every chance I get as a single guy. Don't we all need to be caressed from time to time? The head massage surprised me, though, because it was not the standard spa facial that's normally inclusive with one's body massage. The head massage involved having hot jade stones being strategically placed on one's face. I experienced those and found it amazing. My reaction: I was like what-the-f-oh-my-what's-that-oh-wait-i-want-more. That culminated the session for a good 2 hours.

We were served hot tea after and I was hoping to nap but I had to scram to see a movie with neighbors.

If you're in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, you can spot Soneva Organic Spa at the 4th floor of The Forum Building next to the newly-opened Mesa Restaurant. For more information, visit the Soneva Spa Life blog.

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