Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

L O C A L  

F E S T I V A L 

S I D E   T R I P

On a side trip to a sought-after dining place in Marikina, I stumbled upon the city's last-few-minute preparation for its annual Sapatos (Shoe) Festival procession for St. Crispin, patron saint of shoemakers. Knowing that Marikina is the shoe capital of the Philippines and there was an ongoing shoe-related activity, I was not surprised anymore when two massive shoe-shaped cars blocked my path while I was looking for a Thai restaurant for early dinner.

At the city plaza was where I discovered the converging band participants of the place and its neighboring city, Pasig, plus the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and a few youth-oriented bands. Representatives of various local shoe-making businesses were also eagerly awaiting the start of the procession while they stood next to their respective hand-pushed flower-designed festival carriages.

Photo Finish

Participants were all busy finishing requirements, taking pictures, fine-tuning their musical tools and rushing to finish merienda before embarking on the long procession that would tour the main roads of Marikina City that late afternoon.

Nearby, where the public market was, some locals were already cooking dinner for those who were going to come from the city-wide activity.

Blessed By The Rainfall

It rained hard before the procession which made most of the St. Crispin patrons thankful for the sign of bountiful business for the year to come. For some, it was a blessing to not stand under the heat of the sun.

It would take an hour more before the procession started but when it did, Marikina City residents were the most cheerful that day on the planet.


Festival Side Trip is a Turista Trails project to encourage locals to visit nearby cities or neighboring provinces to witness festival-oriented activities. This post's festival and destination: the Sapatos or Shoe Festival of Marikina City, November 15-16, 2012.

Click here for commuting tips to Marikina City, particularly the nearby Sta. Lucia Grand East Mall.

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  1. ang laki nong shoe car ano. me sapatos festival pala tawag don.

    1. yeah 2 shoe-shaped cars to be exact. medyo gloomy nga lang that day kasi kakaulan.


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