Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

T R A V E L   S N A C K I N G

I just came from an appointment from a neighboring province and arrived in Metro Manila by 7:00pm. I was not ready to eat a home-cooked meal as I was not sure if there was going to be one, so I made a quick stop at Barangay Capitol, Pasig City (a good 30 minutes of commute from my house) where I grew up as a kid. I knew that along the East Drive of Kapitolyo stood a number of restaurants.

I ended up choosing to dine at Chuck Wagon, an unpretentious beef and pork nook that had its kitchen visible from the street. The business was offering gourmet roast beef sandwiches. Its outdoor dining area explicitly makes the place for quick stops.

Early American history reminded me that a Chuckwagon was used as a carriage for food and cooking equipments. It was meant for traveling workers or cowboys who were always on the go. The experience of dining at Chuck Wagon was probably supposed to evoke the same lifestyle.

What I loved about the menu was I got to have the option of having my roast beef in so many ways, including as rice bowl.The roast beef rice bowl I had was the classic bowl (roast beef drizzled with Chuck Wagon's signature gravy) which set me back for a good P120. One can order another version with more roast beef servings for P150.

For those in a hurry to eat and don't mind eating next to pedestrians and the noise of the street, I recommend Chuck Wagon.

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  1. masarap yung roast beef. masarsa pa. mura lang din anoh.

    1. yeah malasa. for really-quick stops s'ya... as in eat-now-then-go!


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