Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I recently visited Marikina City for 2 things -- its Shoe Festival and its famous Thai food restaurant called Krung Thai. I did not expect to be fascinated by lanterns that were on sale at the Thai food restaurant's dining area so I guess I ended up visiting the city for 3 things.

Thai Restaurant

Krung Thai Restaurant is a quaint corner Thai food destination in the public market district of Marikina City. It's been serving patrons of Thai cuisine for several years already I was informed. The hole-in-the-wall ambiance was palpable when I was there. The dining area was adorned with pieces of art and culture from Thailand. All dining tables were covered with woven tablecloths in various colors.

Thai Lanterns On Sale

I was told that the lanterns on display hanging from the ceiling of the establishment were all imported from Thailand. The small lanterns cost P700-P900 while the huge ones cost about P3,000.

Pad Thai
Thai Cuisine

As for the food, Thai cuisine at Krung Thai was nowhere commercialized. The Thai owner, Adisorn Srimata, and his wife pride on serving authentic Thai cuisine the best they know how. The restaurant's take on Pad Thai, for example, was true to the traditional Thai serving. The herbs and spices used were evidently flavorful.

Thai Culture and Clientele

During my visit, there were a lot of Thai customers with Filipino colleagues and this might be a testament to how authentic the dishes are at Krung Thai. There was even a customer who requested to play the bamboo woodwind that was on display at the restaurant wall. He was obliged of his request and he played the musical instrument for his colleagues as it turned out he was celebrating his birthday that day.

Krung Thai
Address: Marikina Public Market, M. Cruz St. cor. W.C. Paz, Sta. Elena, Marikina City
Restaurant Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm

Tom Yum
Chicken Noodle Soup
Spring Rolls

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  1. love the lamp designs, parang nakaka hypnotize :) and it's not that expensive pala

    1. I actually have no price reference ng locally-produced lanters natin pero for P700 mukhang mura nga especially if it's that unique and your place isn't that big naman.


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