Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

T R A V E L  S N A C K I N G

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I was a student for a very long time like most people online and I know that a student canteen's set menu is always conceptualized the way a feeding program is done. Chicken without the gravy. Fish without the sauce. Worse, student canteens are always portrayed in the movies as pedestrian. It certainly is not a place to get sophisticated meals.

Students are also deemed to be a non-market for fancy food making most food joints outside of schools marketed primarily for families and young professionals. As a result, most food businesses that I've seen to be catering to students seem to be shortchanging its target market.

Just imagine my smile when I stumbled upon a small but cozy food joint in Quezon City called Chubby Chicken. It was, in most ways, a departure from the usual student nook. With its big interior wall of post-its and random announcements from customers, one can instantly get what Chubby Chicken is about aside from extra-special food -- an old-school hangout.

Housed at Xavierville Residences which is located at the corner of Esteban Abada and Alvero Loyola Heights in Katipunan, Chubby Chicken is conveniently just a walking distance from Ateneo University. The place is way more interesting than other more popular chicken-oriented restaurants in the area. With one look at the food joint's dining interior and meal set, one can assume why it's starting to be a hip place for students and young professionals. Its customers are merely responding to food with value and a place where they can converge.

More than keeping friends together for lunch breakfast, lunch breaks, snack times and after-school meetups, Chubby Chicken is a food spot that delivers chubby-fied value which I found out after ordering some of its few bestsellers:

Chubby Chicken

This 2-pc chicken is Chubby Chicken's signature meal that comes with a cup or rice and a garlic-mayo dip. Just don't be surprised if the restaurant crew brings you a plate of 3 pieces of chicken instead of just 2. This is because it's the food joint's policy to keep one's value for money when one of the chicken pieces is not as big or "chubby" as the other. Consider it automatic at the Chubby Chicken kitchen to monitor servings.

It's available for a piece but if I were you I'd settle for 2 pieces because the caramelized goodness of one piece of Chubby Chicken is not enough sitting down. Besides, its 2-piece order will only set you back for P118. And if you still reckon that it's still expensive for a simple chicken, think again. The chicken order I had was first baked before getting fried to retain its essential juice which made it taste different from other chicken orders that I have had in other restaurants and fast food joints. If anything, it even reminded me of Cafe Metro's General's Chicken which is certainly not a budget restaurant.

Chicken Parmigiana

I learned that the business is being run by two young siblings EJ and Lorraine which explains the inventiveness in the set menu. Case in point: the very deliciously and interesting Chicken Parmigiana that comes with a cup of rice. This is crispy chicken breast fillet under a thick layer of parmesan, garlic cream, and ground beef. It's nothing like KFC but it's certainly more than any KFC order that you'll encounter. And that's one good thing about this Chubby Chicken favorite -- it's nothing similar in taste to its signature chicken. It's totally unique-tasting. You can have both the signature chicken and this Chicken Parmigiana in one meal and you won't feel overdone. For P165, I certainly did not feel that way.

Fish Tacos With Fries

This is a 2-piece fish taco order that comes with a side serving of French Fries. It might have looked like a couple of tacos but they were not. I was actually served fish fillet in garlic dressing that's wrapped in a soft-shell pita bread. I instantly thought it to be a clever presentation for health-conscious ladies. It's even good for sharing with a friend, making this P115-worth order a good split eventually.

Chubby Oreos

I finished off my visit with the dessert called Chubby Oreos which was prepared a la mode. This is actually a combo of what looked like a homemade cookies and cream flavored ice cream and deep-fried Oreos. The ice cream was simply done by sprinkling chunky Oreo bits on a vanilla ice cream which I left to melt on top of the deep fried Oreos. One can also eat it without having to wait for the ice cream to melt. The contrast of the crispy batter that covered the Oreo chunks with the cool and creamy ice cream seriously made my dessert session remarkable. For P75, I think I did not go wrong.

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  1. I have been hearing good things about Chubby Chicken. And seeing at your photos, the place looks really cozy and nice. That notes on the wall are so cool!

  2. Wanna visit and post some comments on the wall too!

  3. I was able to eat there, value for money is fantastic. their servings are a lot for the price!

  4. New follower here. Will be back reading your posts. Follow me back. Thanks

  5. I'm not used to seeing notes on walls nevertheless my attention will go towards their chubby chicken.

  6. This post is no longer accepting entries daw. Sayang haha gusto ko pa naman ito matry. Kaso baka di rin ako sumali kasi wala naman akong swerte sa mga raffle...

  7. I love their chicken here. The garlic sauce is the perfect partner for their chicken. =)


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