Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday, November 05, 2012

T R A V E L  S N A C K I N G  S P E C I A L

Win 2 Large Milk Tea Flavors of your choice!

You know that as a milk tea aficionado, I won't turn down a chance to sample a new brand for as long as it's within range of my local travels. Now that I'm currently stuck here in Metro Manila awaiting my schedule to clear for out-of-town getaways, I got lucky.

Travel Snacking Location: Banawe, Quezon City

Original Store, Original Brew

Quezon City-based milk tea store Simple Line recently gave me the chance to discover why it's steadily gaining patrons even with the glut of other milk tea hubs sprouting in Metro Manila.

I learned from a friend that although the original store was opened in my alma mater of UST in Manila, the tea brewing secrets of Simple Line were borne in Taiwan. I was also informed that only the best tea leaves are carefully sourced in the island to be used here in their stores in Manila with the store in Banawe as one of them.

Banawe Branch and Going Medium For P60 Only

There I was at Simple Line's Banawe franchise contemplating on ordering the Oolong milk tea flavor. Oolong, according to the store crew, tasted creamy which was exactly how I wanted my milk tea fix to be. I settled on a Coconut Jelly Oolong flavor then. If anything, it was affordable at P60 only. Most of Simple Line's competitors are selling medium-size teas that don't go lower than P80 by the way.

My verdict: Simple Line's Coconut Jelly Oolong Milk Tea may be creamy but it sure was refreshing also. It's hard to strike a balance with both. The product either becomes too tasty or less refreshing.

My suggestion: since the Banawe branch has a very cozy nook for customers to relax in, Simple Line might as well toss in a few pastries or tea-complimenting treats that will give those fancy tables their worth. I will surely be one of the first customers to try them out when that happens.

When you're in Quezon City, try to visit Simple Line-Banawe. Its store is located at 1039 Banawe St., Quezon City.


Travel Snacking is a Turista Trails project to encourage snacking or food tripping in selected local tourist spots in key cities of the Philippines at odd times of the day. This post's destination: Banawe, Quezon City.

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Empty tea cups can only mean one thing -- satisfied customers

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  1. Nasubukan ko yung sa UST branch nila, parang okay lang naman (wala lang siguro akong alam sa milk tea haha) :P

    1. gradeschool level pa lang ako sa milk tea pursuit ko. compared sa ibang kakilala ko, parang may university of milk tea 'ata silang pinapasukan LOL

  2. hindi ako fan sa mga milktea na yan kasi namamahalan ako lalao na yung sa happy lemon ... pero mura lng to ha :)

    1. yup. so far s'ya ang most affordable that I've seen na franchise.

  3. natatakam tuloy ako. eh coffee float ng jobee lang tong hawak ko while reading your post

  4. Aaaaaay favorite ko ang milk tea lalo nat libreeeeeee!


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