Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday, November 04, 2012

O U T - O F - T O W N   R E T R O S P E C T 

Most of us have had at least one stopover between our place of departure to a desired destination. Such a thing is part of a traveler's experience. Without one, the journey seems disconnected from the destination.

One stopover that I can't forget was in Baguio City en route to Sagada, Mountain Province. I had to be at the Sagada-bound bus terminal in the city by 6:00am so I decided to leave the Victrory Liner Cubao-Quezon City bus terminal at midnight. Unfortunately, the trip was quicker than anticipated that's why I arrived in Baguio City four hours earlier.

It was my first time seeing the city center at that time of the day. I decided walking around like a homeless person in the wee hours when most residents of the city was still asleep. It was quite cold as I expected. I was glad I was prepared for the climate having donned an extra pair of sweater.

A few of them were already up as early as 3:00am for a chore at the market. The people I saw at Session Road seemed to be at an extended gimik mode from the night before.

Lechon Mami Eatery Style

I found myself an hour later inside the 24/7 Sabat-An Restaurant ordering next to the Sagada-bound bus terminal. The unpretentious eatery looked like it was built to provide food to roving policemen and weary travelers. It beckoned. I came.

I enjoyed my lechon mami (noodle soup with suckling pig) because the serving of lechon was hefty. However, I was a bit nervous while seated next to the armed men because their weapons were just resting on top of our table next to their food. It's the type of scene you see in action movies of the late Fernando Poe, Jr. If an ambush occurred, I'd be next to them as targets. Fortunately, they had to scram for an emergency, so I was left there to finish my soup.

Aboard the first bus to Sagada in the morning, I realised that Baguio City was no longer the place where I spent my countless childhood summer vacations. In retrospect, I stayed for two months every year from grade school to early high school in a quaint house with my cousins who used to reside in the quiet side of the city. This time, all I saw were poorly managed-looking buildings and heavy traffic in the city center's main roads.

The stopover provided me insight as to how I can see a place at a different time and at a brief opportunity.

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