Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, November 02, 2012

O U T - O F - T O W N    R E T R O S P E C T

Not all my out-of-town trips were done in the Turista Trails haste (booking 2-3 days prior to the desired date) like I was trying to escape from a metro-based monster. There were some, after browsing a few folders on my laptop, that reminded me how distinct two places could be -- Metro Manila, my home base and anywhere away from it.

Now that I'm conveniently working from home as my employer and I agreed on the arrangement, I'm no longer suffering from the draining gap that resulted from the vast enclave between my weekday grind and weekend rest. Working so hard since college probably took a toll on me.

One of my last self-retreats was escaping for the weekend in Bulacan's 8 Waves Resort-Hotel. I did not want to bother with commuting anymore so I rented a car with a driver so I could be in San Rafael, Bulacan by simply blinking my eyes a few times. Every blink was a power nap inside the car by the way. I already visited the popular leisure park in the past and at that time I simply boarded a Nueva Ecija-bound bus in Cubao, Quezon City where I got off at exactly across where 8 Waves was.

My booked Standard room with bathtub
The standard room I booked cost me P3,000 and I recall that since my weekend at that time was Sunday-Monday, there were no other guests except for me. I consistently carried a wide grin when I tried to use their wave pool because they had to turn it on just for me. Anyway, I did not enjoy being tossed about alone.
This most recent trip was one of those out-of-town getaways that I booked weeks before just so I could feel the bed behind me, wake up in the morning with sunshine on my face or stare at a foliage and find some redeeming value from doing so. Clearly I was suffering from burnout.

I remember taking pictures but only because I loved what I saw and wanted to use them as possible wallpaper on my computer. In retrospect, I did not expect them to land here as shown below:

Car rental with manong driver at P2,000+ (got a discount from the original P3k)
The entrance to the 8 Waves Hotel

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