Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012
Security inside the Greenhills Night Bazaar

I recently participated at a food tasting event in Greenhills, San Juan City, and did not want to go home yet. I noticed that there was a night bazaar right in front of the Greenhills Shopping Center and decided to check it out.

I've stopped going into crowded areas in Metro Manila after figuring in a lot of pickpocket incidences as a victim. I had my mobile phone stolen in two separate occasions inside a crowded bus. Since then I've refrained from riding the MRT altogether.

It's been years since I last visited a night bazaar. Most of my Christmas gifts to friends and relatives years ago were bought from bazaars at The Fort, an Alabang village, and at a hotel in Makati City (this one was organized by bored housewives whose bazaar was elegantly held inside a posh hotel).

Bazaar Clientele

I temporarily tossed away my inhibitions that night and gave the night bazaar in Greenhills a chance. There were a lot of different people inside with different purposes. Most adults with kids were there to watch the light show being done below the Greenhills Shopping Center signage. Some were oblivious of that and were there merely for the low priced stuff like shoes, baseball caps, shirts, dresses and whatnot. And while all of them were inside past the strict security that checked each person that was allowed to enter, food stores were also making a lot of money because people would eventually get hungry and had to eat at least a stick of hotdog.

Outdoor Setting

The administration office of the Greenhills Shopping Center converted the parking area fronting Ortigas Avenue into an outdoor bazaar. A stage for musical performers was even erected inside the area. Unfortunately, when I entered the bazaar, the last song was already over and the band members were already eating stuff they bought from nearby food stalls. I tried to see a familiar celebrity face but I could not make any. Perhaps no famous performer will consider doing a stint at an outdoor bazaar.

Security Inside The Bazaar

I appreciated the presence of security forces inside the bazaar because it made me feel relaxed knowing that if a pickpocket would victimized me, all I had to do was make a big deal out of it shouting that my wallet was taken from me.

Crowd Pouring In

My stay inside the bazaar premises was a good 30 minutes. I had to leave because more people were still pouring in and it was already past 10:00 pm! I heard the bazaar announcer call out the closing time to be at 11:30pm. I was glad that I left the place with my stuff still intact.

Click here for a helpful link in commuting to the Greenhills Shopping Center.

Strict security at the bazaar entrance
Hotdogs on sticks for the hungry
A typical bazaar client with plastic purchases in tow
Baseball caps for the thug at heart
No shortage of t-shirt design options
An outdoor bazaar always needs to have a shawarma stall
The light show crowd

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  1. Haven't been to the GH night bazaar. I usually go to GH to check out gadgets.hehe. :)

    1. The last time I went inside the Greenhills mall was 3 years ago. I have this friend who changes phone every 6 months courtesy of gadget options there.


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