Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

This is a recollection of my not-so-recent visit of Cubao-X (Expo) after I found Gateway Mall-Cubao a bit bland for my taste that night. The area is popular among off-center clients of vintage and artsy-fartsy stuff, Marikina-manufactured shoes and Bellini's authentic Italian menu. The place's clientele could not be found anywhere else in Cubao, I think. Cubao Expo is eclectic and the unfamiliar will easily be lost wondering why they're even there.

The place has a roster of other small shops that range from specialty gift to antique stores. Some of these stores' window display could even rival those of mall-based shops which lack the passion for details and experimentation. Some shops even have chairs and tables set up for coffee and other concoctions.

Walking further in the area, I tried to be objective. I did not leave the place without experiencing a tangible trail. I've dined in Bellini's years ago but it was in haste. This time I had the chance to look around and even take stolen shots of shop facades because I was informed prior to my visit that clicking on a camera was prohibited.

Maybe because the whole place was a work of art? I really don't know the answer to that restriction.

I felt happy, though, I tried to dine at Penpen's, a cozy Pinoy food nook run by the mom-and-son tag team of Chupsie and indie film actor Ping Medina. I ordered the place's crispy liempo, but what really made an impression on me was the dalanghita drink that I ordered. It's got malungay leaves (the concentration at the bottom of the glass) in it which gave the drink a distinct fragrance before every sip. It's normally served with ice cubes which I had the waiter remove.

Located in the outskirts of the Araneta Center (where the Big Dome is for the benefit of artistic local tourists visiting Metro Manila from nearby provinces), Cubao Expo is a significant hub for the local art scene where artists congregate for exhibits and coffee. One can normally spot indie actors, painters, and other types of artists lingering in shops discussing the art scene.

The next time you visit Cubao, try walking past Gateway Mall and Shopwise. Walk a little further beyond the bus terminal strip and you'll see Cubao Expo.

Dalanghita Drink at Penpen's
The interior of Penpen's

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  1. Are they still prohibiting cameras in that place? It was actually the thing that deterred me from featuring the place. Sayang lang, kasi they're all for art and individualism diba, tapos bawal mag take ng picture?

    1. it's been months since nag-stolen shots ako, Christian. I don't understand also why prohibited. Before Christmas babalik ako and I'll try to explicitly take photos next time haha! Tignan natin if sasawayin ako...


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