Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I set out to convert myself from being the full meal guy for this so-called odd-hour eatinerary to a traveling snacker for lack of a better term. My snack destination: the enduring Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City.

A lot of businesses have opened and closed down in the dining district of Tomas Morato but some big name restaurants have managed to pull through hard times. What I checked out for snacks are the milk teas and side orders only because they matter a lot to me. They can ruin a full meal when ordered in combo, so they are essential in making my food trips satisfying.

I spotted this milk tea hub that's pristine white from the outside. The striking paint of pink at the counter area lured me in to make a milk tea order. I ignored all the specials that the attendant offered. I realised that since the place was called Joe Monkey, there must be a banana somewhere, right? I was right and so I did order the banana flavored milk tea sans sinkers and other diversions. I wanted to put Joe Monkey's banana taste to test without the distractions.

Taste Verdict: The banana flavor was just a hint as the drink was also minty in flavor which makes for a signature taste. I love the subtlety.

Parking Tip: Just be mindful of syndicates along the stretch of Tomas Morate Avenue because the place is still infamous for carnapping incidences if you have wheels.

I honestly thought a monkey mascot was going to show up that day.


Travel Snacking is a Turista Trails project to encourage snacking or food tripping in selected local tourist spots in key cities of the Philippines at odd times of the day. This post's destination: Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City. Click here for commuting tips.
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  1. milktea is everywhere ... i wouldn't surprise that in da future may durian milktea na din

  2. may new milk tea store nga malapit sa office ko eh, tea monkey tamayaki and tea


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