Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012
Where the marshland and the white rock meet

Aboard my guide's tricycle, I began to advance closer to the Kapurpurawan rock formation through the dirt road from the Maharlika Highway. The rock formation can be found along the rocky coastline of Burgos, a municipality in Ilocos Norte. The weather was sort of teasing me as it would drizzle and become pleasant during the 30-minute detour from the highway towards the beach.

At the site, there was a bus parked which meant that 40 or more tourists were already down the coastline roaming around and taking photos of the scenic spot. I did not waste any time by hurrying down.

Entering the Kapurpurawan rock formation site was still free when I made the visit. The case is still the same as of this writing I think. At the foot of the entrance slope, I was greeted by locals who were offering horse rides. I opted to just walk because I wanted to snap photos at my own pace. I also reckoned that I had to have control of my points of views when using my Samsung digital camera.

Before I arrived at the edge of the tourist trail, I had to pass by a concentration of marshland next to the ocean. The marshy tract of land was interesting to look at already so the short stroll from the entrance to the rock formation was every step exciting for photo opportunities.

The short foliage-covered pathway that connects the entrance slope to the marshland

I realized that since the visit would only allow me to focus on one subject matter -- the spot's signature rock formation -- I tried to experiment with how many ways I could perceive it thru vantage points. Shoot from a different angle and you have a seemingly different photo from another shot of yours I told myself so that was what I did. The throng of tourists at the site did not leave me any choice anyway. However,  along the way, I found a few gems of views that I would not have seen if I was standing straight.

Kapurpurawan was the original reason why I went up north. I did not expect to make detours to Pagudpud, Laoag City, Paoay, Batac and Currimao but the experience was worth it.

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The white rock formation at past 5:00pm.

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  1. Really needs to include this one once I go on vacation. Lapit lang ako dito but still never been to this place.

    Nice one manong!

    1. I can relate, Reydan. Here in Metro Manila there are still lots of tourist spots that I have not visited.

  2. Great pictures! I wish i could also travel like you. Pag nakaluwag luwag na siguro. Btw, thanks for the visit.

    1. Magkikita naman tayo for relaxation from traveling at the spa soon, Daddy Kuri. Patok yun. Minsan ipasyal mo si wifey and kiddo sa Batangas.


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