Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My recent Ilocos Norte vacation had to include a quick visit to the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. My tricycle guide already previously took me to the Bangui Windfarm and Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. This was his last destination for me before dropping me off the middle of the highway of Burgos where I would later board a Vigan-bound bus.

The weather was fine. I was glad Typhoon Lawin had left the Philippines. I already saw the so-called blue ocean that locals talked about in the beaches of Ilocos Norte.

The splendid blue ocean that locals talk about
Arriving at the lighthouse site, my guide warned me that I could see a ghost like what a local tourist experienced 5 to 6 months ago. He recalled the tourist getting scared going down the lighthouse steps because a ghostly apparition appeared in one of her shots of the property's small room of exhibit materials. The room is housing old photos and memorabilia of Burgos locals.

Having heard the scary story, I no longer went inside the exhibit room. I did roam around a bit to see the place to be in a decrepit state.

The local caretaker approached me and told me that he could be considered as the last caretaker of the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse because once he's done with this duty maintaining the property, the coastguard will finally take over. Previous caretakers were his relatives. He's currently collecting more memorabilia from people in Brugos to showcase in the exhibit room.

He went on to share that during his first week's stay at the place, he would wake up with a very heavy feeling. He recalled dreaming about an old bearded mestizo folk who was trying to hurt him. True to his nightmare, visiting clairvoyants warned him not to sleep there anymore because entities were trying to take him to the "other side."

Burgos Beach View

What I liked about the place was its overlooking terrace of the rocky Burgos beach. It would have been nice to have a resort with an infinity pool atop the same hill. The actual lighthouse structure was no longer accessible so I only had the chance to move around its base. I honestly found it a bit scary to walk around the structure because I did not know what I'd see behind it.

Before the caretaker let me go, he told me to find him on Facebook. He did not know who posted online about him, but I guess, it was like the same encounter I had of him that day.

With a very eerie reputation, the lighthouse is becoming both a tourist attraction and an itinerary for paranormal aficionados.

The local caretaker >>

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  1. i met the care taker .. but forgot his name .... hmmmmm....

    1. I also got his name pero when I got back in Manila, it left me. Enchanted encounter *nuni-nuni*

  2. I've yet to visit this place! Hopefully matuloy na next month. I'm checking out your Ilocos series :)

    1. Thanks, Gabz! Marami akong naging detours sa Ilocos Region vacay ko LOL. It was fun.

  3. Ahhh. Di ko na-meet si manong, tsk tsk.

    Naaalala ko dito ako kumain ng unang magnum ice cream ko, hehe.

  4. LOL! dahil ba sa pagod or sa sobrang magnum curiousity?


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