Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Not all bakeshops fantasize about world domination. Some, like Purple Oven, refuse to have branches in Metro Manila malls. When I asked the shop staff why, the answer I got was they want to keep it that way -- simple and on a neighborhood level.

I can't blame them. I've tasted one too many Goldilocks and Red Ribbon cake treats and I can't tell the difference anymore. The bakeshop war seems to be dulling the competitors' edge.

As I was leaving the Purple Oven shop, I couldn't help but realize that the cakes they have are next to contraband pastries. While I was there for my Lemon Cake purchase (a big, thick-layered round cake that set me back P750), cars and taxi cabs were also starting to occupy the small street right outside. It was like cake addicts were on schedule to get their pastry fix.

My Lemon Cake Purchase

The cake I bought was for the birthday of my siblings who were celebrating their birthday as twin brothers. The lemon was not as strong as I expected which was fine because I didn't want to be twitching my face per bite. It came in various layers of wafer, nuts, icing, and more.

Whispers have it that posh commercial coffee shops get their roster of products from Purple Oven. I don't have proof, but I did see some familiar stuff on their display that I've seen on Starbucks.

How To Get There

I can't tell you or I'd have to kill you. Purple Oven made me swear. Kidding!

Even if I told you where the little cozy nook is located, you'd find it hard to locate. If you happen to know the flower group of motels in Pasig City, turn left to the 1st street that precedes the sprawling sex-oriented property. Yes, Purple Oven is situated next to the motel center of Metro Manila. No wonder when people are heartbroken, they are either compelled to get it dirty with a rebound or simply pay a hefty price for a very delicious cake.


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    1. LOL better yet, here's the address, Christian: 63 St. Peter Street, Oranbo, Pasig City. This is the 1st street to your right when you enter Oranbo and the 1st street to your left when you enter the other block where the flower group of motels (orchid, dahlia, etc.) are. Phone: +63 2 631-4221 and +63 2 910-1363.


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