Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday, October 04, 2012
One of the villas at Playa Tropical
I set out to experience Currimao's luxurious resort hotel called Playa Tropical in the same week when Typhoon Lawin was almost leaving Ilocos Norte and Cagayan. My 12-hour Partas bus ride ended at a so-called Daang Junction of the municipality.

Outside the resort hotel, there was nothing fancy to see but within the Playa Tropical premises, the scenery was breathtaking. The Bali-inspired villas alone were mesmerizing to the eyes with their pointed roofs. The Bali-inspired interior decoration was also all over the hotel from the rooms to the restaurant facade.

The well-designed lagoon gave the place's open cottages a tropical feel. It was a real treat to have taken all my meals inside one of those cottages that face the infinity pool and South China Sea. Check out here my post about Playa Tropical's infinity pool.

The hotel room I booked
Booking: Playa Tropical charges for reservation but management deducts it from the room charge when you get there. I paid the rest of the bill during checkout.

Bedroom: My hotel room was very spacious. I was especially fond of the fancy-looking cabinet next to the dresser. The only downside I discovered was that there was no beachfront view and electrical sockets were installed inside the bathroom and nowhere in the bedroom.

Bathroom: Aside from the bathrooms inside the hotel rooms and villas, there's a decent restroom also outside next to the infinity pool. I was glad that my room had a bathtub.

Security: The door automatically locks when you close it from the outside which is a good security feature for guests.
Partas Deluxe interior; Municipality of Currimao

Transportation: Since I have a no-plane-ride self-policy on my cross-mainland trips, I opted to take the deluxe bus of Partas which costs P200 more than the basic air conditioned version. The deluxe bus only has a 28 seating capacity. This is because the bus has a row of 1-seaters for solo travelers which worked very well for me. I was able to recline it all the way the level that I wanted enough to get a good sleep during the trip.

If you've traveled very far from Metro Manila to Currimao, Ilocos Norte, you might as well visit neighboring municipalities like Paoay and Batac which I did. Just ask the resort hotel receptionist for tips.

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    1. Si Raft3r magjo-joyride ng 12 hours? LOL. I know you. You will book a flight to Laoag ha-ha!

  2. ang ganda! been looking for the rates per night, di mo yata naisama? :)

    1. Thanks, Christian. A few months ago, it set me back no more than P3,500. It was either almost P3k or just a bit more than that.


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