Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday, October 07, 2012

My target destination one October weekend was Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte which is located in the northern Philippines. It's home to interesting rock formations and surf-ready beaches. Before I embarked on experiencing its famous beaches, I took a detour to Pagudpud's Mount Pico De Loro or what mountain climbers prefer to call as Pico De Loro Norte.

Anybody who personally knows me does not expect me to climb anything in the wilderness. I can't even be expected to tackle one of those playground or military walls on a flat surface.

What I did was just trek with a local guide to reach a spring that's famous in Pancian, a small town almost at the fringe of Pagudpud that's 30 minutes away from the border of Cagayan. For those who've been to famous Pagudpud beaches, the town is far from Hannah's or Evangeline Beach Resorts.

I had to board a Claveria-bound bus from Laoag City past the what I'd like to call as kabibe junction of Pagudpud (a route that leads to the municipality capitol and another one that goes straight to Claveria).

The bus traversed the foot of Mount Pico De Loro in Pancian where I got off to meet a local guide at a designated resort. When I got off, everything was wet. It had been drizzling the whole day I was told by my guide. Unfazed by the sad small talk, I replied, "Let's go to the spring!"

The guide had boots with him while I relied on my trusty Tribu sandals. We walked past rice fields and high trees. There were times when we had to drag our feet against the stream that was originating from the distant spring. The weather was rainy and yet I was perspiring all over because the elevation was starting to become different after 5 minutes of constant walking. I had to be careful where I stepped on because some pathways had ravines next to them. If I lost my balance on, say, my right shoulder, I'd fall into a steep space where it was a bit dark and had rocks.

A view of the Pagudpud beach from my trek path
When we reached the spring, I was finally able to stop holding my breath. The spring water, my guide informed me, is the townspeople's drinking water source. I found out that it was fit to be so because the water was so clear. It was chilling cold as well. We managed to reach the small body of water in roughly 15 minutes. Of course, I did not hesitate to take a dip in the spring. It was refreshing to immerse myself after having terribly perspired during the trek. There was a moment when I almost lost hold on one of my sandals to which the guide opined that I'd have to pick it up all the way at the beach if ever due to the strong current.

When in Pagudpud, don't just settle for the site's wonderful beach resorts. Try the place's waterfalls and spring water treks as well like I did.

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  1. Makes me miss going home to the province... Living just nearby town from this but still I wasn't able to explore the whole area. Nice one!

    1. Your province is very beautiful and has lots of interesting sites to visit. Hindi ako nagsisi to have traveled that far. Sulit!

  2. i didn't know na may Pico de Loro din pala dyan... i want to be back in Pagudpud soon! thanks for the info Karl! :)

    1. I just found out online na the famous Pico De Loro that mountaineers know is the one sa southern Luzon. Yes, Pico De Loro Norte naman ang tawag nila d'yan, PA.


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