Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday, October 02, 2012
Typhoon Lawin just left the province of Ilocos Norte that day.

My Ilocos exposure started with a 12-hour Partas Bus trip from Cubao, Quezon City to Currimao, a municipality in Southwestern Ilocos Norte. I already postponed this trip a year ago because of bad weather. I pressed on this year because I was afraid that it would never happen if I postponed it for the second time.

My Currimao resort of choice was Playa Tropical because I love infinity pools. And the receptionist promised to pick me up with their service vehicle when I got off from the bus at the so-called Daang Junction. The free breakfast and 30-minute massage were just bonuses.

I was ecstatic to find out that I was the only guest booked that day which meant that I would have the whole pool all for myself. I decided to dip in the pool the next day because it was drizzling on and off that afternoon. I opted to arrange with the receptionist a trip to Paoay and Batac instead.

Waking up to a bit of sunshine the next day gave my early breakfast the omph that I was looking for. I loved how I could slowly eat the Vigan-native longganisa that was served to me at a cottage of my choice facing the infinity pool and the South China Sea. No rush for work deadlines. No high-rise buildings in sight. Just me, my breakfast, and the ocean. I'm always particular with condiments no matter how unimportant it is for some. For the longganisa that I had that morning, the onion-vinegar sauce worked fine.

Since Currimao is a fishing municipality, the shoreline next to the resort is not the typical fancy beach that vacationers love to swim in. The sand is not white, but it still has a soft texture to it.

The sky cleared the next day.

The pool was not lukewarm like in Acuatico (a Batangas resort favorite of mine), but I managed to stay immersed for about 2 hours that morning until it started to drizzle again. Typhoon Lawin might have left the area but the rains were still around.

All in all, my Currimao infinity pool dip gave me the relaxation that I needed after the grueling bus trip the day before. No matter how good the Swedish massage that I got last night courtesy of the resort's staff masseuse, the real test of a luxury vacation spot that has an infinity pool is, well, its infinity pool.

The longganisa that was served to me was from Vigan, Ilocos Sur.
Breakfast facing the sea -- priceless...

The infinity pool is divided for adults and kids.
Currimao locals celebrate their fish festival at the end of April every year.

Moro pirates would frequently be spotted here during the Spanish era.
A pleasant sunset at Currimao

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  1. ganda nga ng infinity pool nila... at solong solo mo ang resort! very nice! :)

    1. right, PA. i was the only client that day because of Typhoon Lawin.

  2. what a gorgeous place!!! Philippines is really beautiful!!! your blog is very helpful specially for foreigners :) and local as well who hasnt had a chance to be around the country.

    1. Thanks GrantCherry. Come home soon with your kids and travel in Ilocos, too!

  3. Hi Kuya!
    You mean to say di palang pwedeng paliguan ung beach? o.O Plano pa naman namin magpunta dyan one day!

    1. You may swim sa beach outside of the resort anytime. I actually saw 3 teenagers playing by the beach while I was doing my infinity pool dip. It's just that I prefer taking to the beach if there's no typhoon or if the weather is sunny. During the 2 days I was there kasi, may typhoon.

  4. A wonderful day to you, Sir!

    How much all it cost, then?
    Got plans of travelling this year. =)
    Thank you so much in advance =))

    1. My room accommodation probably set me back a little more than P3k for overnight. It was inclusive of free breakfast. Food orders at the resort restaurant is good for two and each costs roughly P150-P200 as of October, 2012. Prepare less than P1k for one-way bus fare to Currimao.


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