Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Early sunrise at Punta De Fabian
I get excited whenever I discover a resort that's close to where I live -- Metro Manila. The closer the proximity, the more intense my desire is to experience trying it out. Case in point: Punta De Fabian in Baras, Rizal.

I eagerly checked the weather for this overnight escape that's about 1 hour and 30 minutes from where I live to experience dipping myself in the infinity pool that's nestled on a cliff with the Laguna De Bay as visual extension. Yes, the edge of the pool is on a cliff and what you see from left to right is nothing but the vast open space of the Laguna Lake.

Although this was a few months back, I recalled compiling my experience and photos here for my kikay niece who's itching for a family clan getaway soon.

Getting To Punta De Fabian

Being at Punta De Fabian was not like being in close proximity to Metro Manila at all. All it took for me and Joanne to be there was a Tanay-bound FX van ride at Php70 per head from Crossing-Mandaluyong City to Baras, Rizal. You can request the driver to drop you off at the entrance of the resort. In case the van couldn't do so, get off at the highway cemetery where you'll board a tricycle (Php40 per trip) which will take you to the resort gate.

Checking Out The Resort

The Rizal-based resort is a sprawling property that can accommodate 150 guests for overnight stay and 300 guests for its day package. For an affordable rate of Php3,000 to P6,000 (family), each room has a veranda overlooking Laguna Lake which is the selling point of the accommodation.

The room has a terrace with a spectacular view of Laguna Lake

I loved the scenery in the resort especially with the idea of being on top of a hill. I could not see any skyscraper anywhere in the surrounding to dwarf the trees which was great. The air was fresh. There breeze was friendly because maybe the trees got to break the gusts of wind when we were there.

My room set me back Php3,000 but with a terrace view of the Laguna Lake, the value was almost like Php5,000.

The resort jacuzzi, unplugged

Resort Pools

There is a separate pool for rowdy kids and adults which allowed solo travelers and traveling couples to get reflective or romantic in the infinity pool.Swimming in the resort's two pools was a real treat to the eyes because the hilltop view of the distant mountain range and lake was  mesmerizing to the eyes. There is even a jacuzzi at the second pool but since it's next to the outdoor dining area of the resort restaurant, not most people use it. The idea, though, was good to place it there because couples usually want to use it while they are served with concoctions to sip from the bar that's inside the restaurant.

Resort Restaurant

The resort's restaurant menu mostly consists of hotel-type of food. Don't be alarmed if you see most of the pricing to be at Php200 and above. The servings are hefty anyway so each order can be good for sharing with others.

There were welcome drinks upon my arrival. I matched it with pansit for merienda. The next day, a good-for-two roast chicken sealed my Punta De Fabian experience.

The view from my bedroom
The resort restaurant

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  1. We had our team building here. Cool place indeed!

    1. Yes, Ding. The place is also good for such events. When we left that day nga, busloads of company employees filled the arrival area.

  2. Replies
    1. Siguro dahil hilltop s'ya. nature probably dusts it off every now and then LOL

  3. How's the bedroom, ilang sqm po? May hot and cold shower din po ba?

  4. How much will it be for 10-15pax? Is there a room that can accomodate us?


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