Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

T R A V E L   S N A C K I N G   S P E C I A L

I tested the newly opened muffin stand-turned-restaurant Slice at Bonifacio High Street (Central) to see if the craze about its redefined Filipino favorite Champorado and other cake flavors was true. The craze: visitors are doing repeats of signature confections at odd times of the day. A friend encouraged me to flirt with the restaurant's red velvet cake and see if it would reciprocate. I anticipated saying "hi" to a slice of it, but I reckoned we won't be having enough small talk because I'd gobble it anyway.

The Belgian Dark Choco (P150). Drink it in shots.
Local and foreign tourists in Metro Manila know that a good cake needs to be paired with a good drink. At Slice, I had the simple Cappuccino (P130) which came in a very big cup. I wanted my drink to be easy on the tongue because the dessert roster that I had to tackle was anything but simple.

The lineup of cake confection that I sampled included the Mochamisu (P200; tiramisu with a twist; the twist being the use of the signature Slice espresso), Double Choco Yema (P240; layers of yema and chocolate moist), and the Slice Red Velvet Cake (P240). I feared that the Choco Yema would be overwhelming in the mouth, but I enjoyed having it slip down my throat without a fuss. The Mochamisu was a surprise because I swear to have tasted ice cream somewhere there. The cold, icy shot of cream was similar to the intensity of the spice in a Bicol Express. As for the Red Velvet Cake, it's probably got the sexiest cake slice behind that I've seen in years. The icing swirls on that slice rear just made me salivate... then I destroyed it.

 My visiting companions had other sorts of confections which I failed to sample myself. There was the interesting snacking stunt in the form of the Choco Stirrers (P150) -- the one thing that tourists should not fail to experience at Bonifacio High Street's Slice. The dining stunt entails that you dip a teeny-weeny chocolate brick in a warm cup of milk and wait for it to melt. The culmination, of course, was drinking the choco-dipped milk. I had blogger Dude For Food demonstrate the stunt for me.

My verdict: I shall return for the appetizers and pasta favorites!

Choco Stirrers snacking stunt
Champorado Slice-style (P160)


Travel Snacking is a Turista Trails project to encourage snacking or food tripping in selected local tourist spots in key cities of the Philippines at odd times of the day. This post's destination: The Fort, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.

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  1. WOW, I regretting visiting your blog in the middle of hungry night!! I bet it was worth the Php200++ muffins and cake. Quite expensive lol.

    Travel snacking + Flirting, your theme and your title brought me a different meaning, HEHE.

  2. C'mon, Ada. That choco brick dipping on warm milk is a giveaway LOL. I could have used the title "Slices of Dessert Porn" but that sexy Red Velvet Cake just deserves my respect.


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