Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Hot Green Tea Latte

T O M A S   M O R A T O
T R A V E L   S N A C K I N G 
S P E C I  A L


I recently visited Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City for a travel snacking special and I've so far featured one milk tea hub -- JoeMonkey. Let me share with you this other snack-hopped location that I dropped by at towards the end of my snack walk. Presenting a cozy nook of espresso and desserts called Afters...

Walking inside the cabin-inspired interiors of Afters reminded me of my childhood vacations in Baguio. I adored the rustic feeling exuded by the wooden floors and ceiling. If only there was a fireplace, I would have ordered a hot cup of coco and curled up on a couch. Of course, there was no such thing that night. Afters was a cozy place for me to kill time after I've eaten so much elsewhere. Maybe it was why the place was called as such.

I had Afters' hot Green Tea Latte (P105) and paired it with a cute slice of carrot cake (P90). The tea and cake complimented each other just enough. Green Tea had that bitter lingering taste, so something a bit tasty and sweet like a carrot cake was nice.

Green Tea In Transparent Glass -- OK

I loved the froth design on my tea and loved its balanced bitterness even more. I always preferred drinking something in color on a transparent glass and Afters got that in the bag. The illusion of ingesting the color when you're really ingesting everything is something I got from my art school background. This is why I find it less fun drinking green tea in other coffee and tea shops.

The Ho-hum-ness of This Carrot Cake

The carrot cake was a bit on the ho-hum side because I prefer my cakes to be moist. I've so far tasted the best carrot cake that had that moist quality and I don't know how to come back to something as dry as that one I was trying to bear that night.

If you happen to finish traveling from the South and you're back in Metro Manila or if you just arrived in Metro Manila as a local tourist from the province, head over to Tomas Morato Avenue-Quezon City and try the laid back mood in Afters. The store is at the ground floor of Lansbergh Place Building along Tomas Morato-Quezon City, next to Mannang's Chicken.

To make your visit more memorable, try their espresso shots. Afters even has the interesting Affogato which is an Italian dessert made of vanilla gelato. It's topped with a shot of espresso.

I had no time to try so much that night. I was in a lazy mood to get up and order again.


Travel Snacking is a Turista Trails project to encourage snacking or food tripping in selected local tourist spots in key cities of the Philippines at odd times of the day. This post's destination: Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City.  

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  1. Yung green tea latte, ganyan kulay ng diarrhea ko minsan.

    1. LOL I'm sure may froth design din 'yun 'no?!

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