Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ilocos Norte's Bangui wind farm is not only harnessing wind energy for the province. It has also been luring busloads of local tourists from other northern Philippine provinces, Metro Manila, and even from the south. Being dwarfed by the towering wind turbines definitely gives Filipinos a sense of surrender to nature using pro-environmental methods.

Entering the tourist area of the wind farm is free. There is enough parking space for vehicles just beyond the opening. The 9-kilometer stretch of Bangui Bay is strategically installed with a total of 20 wind turbines. The tourist area entrance is somewhere in the middle of stretch. Lined up in the vicinity are makeshift souvenir shops of miniature wind turbines.

Typhoon Lawin was just leaving the province
How The Wind Farm Came To Be

Funding for the wind farm did not come easy according to volunteers of former Ilocos Norte governor and now senator Bongbong Marcos. It was shared in the press that it came thru a Dutch government grant as assistance. Interestingly, the patch of land where the wind turbines stand was originally meant for building a golf course. Since the area was too windy, advisers and friends of Senator Marcos tossed around the idea of a power generating wind farm instead.

For more information on the Bangui Wind Farm, visit Senator Marcos' official website.

My Tricycle Guide

For this Bangui Bay trip along with my other visits to Burgos, I hired as guide tricycle driver Mang Rene, a Pagudpud native who was recommended by travel blogger Pinoy Adventurista.

Mang Rene and I rendezvoused along the highway but he had to drive me back to his house a few meters away to show to his wife who turned out to have enforced on the former the policy of seeing all clients first. Apparently, the wife needs to make sure that Mang Rene was doing his job and not any hanky-panky with female clients. If anything, my guide does not have anything to worry about because for the past few months, he's had an average of 4 clients per week which is good money (P600 per client for 3 Ilocos Norte sites which are far apart from each other).

Since I was traveling solo, Mang Rene proved to be very useful for carrying my backpack for me and taking shots of me and the sites when necessary.

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  1. super gnda tlga dyan .. at muntikan pa matunaw yung tsinelas ko sa sobrangi init ng sand

    1. i can just imagine na ganyan nga kainit during summertime, Kulapitot LOL. As you can see, during the rainy season, it's extremely windy naman.

  2. glad to know that Mang Rene gets 4 clients a week na... sana makabalik ako para ma-meet ko ulit cya... :)

    1. yeah. I hope nag-boom pa clients na lalo months after

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