Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

I visited Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte right when Typhoon Lawin was leaving the Philippine Area of Responsibility. The municipality is known in the country for its beaches which are mesmerizing to the eyes.

A local engaged me in a small talk while I waited for my guide. He was recommending new beach resorts in the area for me to visit because the so-called blue ocean was visible in the shoreline. I would later see that blue ocean in Burgos. My Pagudpud accommodation, however, is not in the frequently visited shoreline of the municipality.

I booked myself at Pannzian Resort for a basic room (Kayo Room at P1,800) which is located in Barangay Pancian, right at the heart of Pasaleng Bay. It's 30 minutes by bus from the border of Cagayan and approximately 45 minutes from the municipality center. The bus I boarded from Laoag City was Claveria-bound. I got off right exactly at the entrance of the resort as it's nestled along the Maharlika Highway, at the foot of what mountaineers call as Mount Pico De Loro Norte.

Arriving at the resort, I found out that there were no other guest for overnight stay but me. I suddenly remembered that heavy rains were still expected to pour which was why not many tourists were going about the area. And since most staff members are also residents outside of the resort, I was left all alone inside the sprawling property from 9:00pm to the early morning the next day.

A staff member offered to make me a bonfire before he left for the night but I declined already since I did not want to walk back to my room through the beach trail of high trees and empty villas on my own. Meters away at the gate, the resort guard was the only other soul in the place that night. Besides, Pannzian Resort rooms have no television sets which compelled me to reflect about life using my own brain waves, devoid of transmissions from ABS-CBN and GMA-7.

I woke up early the next day to catch the sunrise which was still elusive. At the beach, I did enjoy the company of the resort's beach guide dog. I felt like vacationing in my own private property because I was alone in the whole stretch of the beach. The waves were not pleasant at all, but I found the crashing action magnetic. The chaotic waves seemed to absorb my own personal chaos, draining me of my nerves about the past, present and future.

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The mighty waves of Pagudpud Beach
A villa at Pannzian Resort
I stayed seated here for an hour one early morning.
A river nearby
Where the river and the beach meet
My beach guide for that day

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  1. Great photos!
    Was this the one you were talking about? yaikes! Glad you survived having to spend the night alone with only one soul near you ;)

  2. Thanks, Em. Yes, I was not able to sleep. I'd close my eyes many times for hours only to open them half-way. I remember someone telling me one time that such thing happens because "someone" or "something" was probably watching me. *shudder*
    Anyway, the place was great during the daytime for short walks. Priceless was my time alone at the beach guided by the resort dog.

  3. the place is too beautiful for one person. please next time share it with someone or with barkada. pero lam mo bilib ako sau na survive mo yung one night. ako? susko mamatay ako sa takot. in fairness maganda yung resort. kuha mo ba yung sa beach? parang malungkot yung dagat. ewan na fe-feel ko sa photos

    jsut me,

    1. indeed, Phioxee. the mood, at least mine, was somber when I had to reach that edge of Luzon as if reaching a point where I finally had to stop because it was the end of the trail. either I brace the crashing waves or stand still at the shoreline. it's exactly where I am now personally -- at a junction of letting go of being employed and pursuing whatever else it is that I wanted to do. it was an emotional vacation. subdued, though.

  4. I won't mind having that place for myself for a night or two! Will definitely consider this when we visit the area toward the end of this month! Thank you Karl!

  5. I like that feeling of having a place all to myself. I think I will also survive this kind of solitude. :) Beautiful photos!

    1. Indeed, we all deserve a solitary escape from time to time. Thanks, Jayson.


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