Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012
Aglio Oli Pasta

T R A V E L   S N A C K I N G  S P E C I A L 

A miracle happened in Bonifacio High Street Central one everning. I got converted by Senator Pia Cayetano. Politics aside, Pia is still alive and did not, in any way, show herself as an apparition of sorts at the posh dining district of the The Fort, Taguig City. That night, the lady senator was in Canada with another senator, Bongbong Marcos, Jr., for a Filipino community-sponsored dinner.

Back at Slice, the restaurant that Pia owns, I was refusing my companions to dig in on an Algio Oli pasta that was served to our dining group. I was politely turning them down because I had preconceived notions that all pasta was just like Jollibee's spaghetti. Boy, was I wrong.

The Pia-Cayetano-approved Aglio Oli converted me from being a non-pasta lover to becoming one.While everyone was not looking, I grabbed a fork and twirled a few strands of that Aglio Oli. It was a hefty serving of shrimp and salmon by the way. While the pasta creation was turning violently inside my mouth, I tasted the crab fat delicately swoop in. I got pasta-struck right on my seat. So this must be food heaven, I was telling myself as the stuff went down my throat.

Earlier, Slice restaurant manager Pat Bocobo informed me that the pasta for the Aglio Oli was naturally prepared in the chef's kitchen at Slice and not ordered outside. I kept wondering if that information figured well in the 1-minute orgasm of the mouth that I just experienced.

The good news did not stop there. My visit of Bonifacio High Street for a travel snacking special also involved me tasting a BBQ Chicken Rice Melt. Checking it out made me notice that Slice used brown rice for it. If you still did not know, brown rice is fat-burning and more nutritious than white rice. Going back to the rice melt, there's only one word to describe it -- infectious! The chicken strips made me remember my favorite Chinese fried rice.

The dining aesthetic inside Slice
Not to forget, the appetizers we had that night were equally delicious for lack of a better term. The tomato-based seafood stew called Seafood Medley awakened my palate. It was not very sour like most tomato-based soups that I tasted elsewhere. It had enough flavor balance to make me want more. The Cranberry, Apple, and Chicken Salad was surprisingly flavorful for a salad. It was interestingly sweet-tasting maybe because of the Cranberry.

Pat Bocobo shared with me that Senator Pia Cayetano usually goes to work in the morning then does her physical training after. She visits her muffin-stand-turned-restaurant, Slice, after her workout. Her training usually involves running so the adage is probably true that traveling or moving from one point to another does give you time to think things over. In her case, good ideas for delicious stuff.

Pat added that everything served inside Slice has the approval of the lady senator. When asked about a possible branch elsewhere, he politely replied that the concentration of efforts is currently on the restaurant where we were at The Fort.

It was a bummer that I was not able to taste Slice's famous muffin creations, but this initial Bonifacio High Street travel snacking special will surely make me move further up the dining district to sample more restaurants that's worth the time of travelers' stops.

Read about my review of Slice's cake creations here.

The Cranberry, Apple, and Chicken Salad
The Seafood Medley Soup


Travel Snacking is a Turista Trails project to encourage snacking or food tripping in selected local tourist spots in key cities of the Philippines at odd times of the day. This post's destination: The Fort, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.

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  1. I hate reading food reviews because I don't really believe them but there's something about this post that makes me wanna believe and try out the Algio Oli.

    1. Glentot, yes. For me to make this post sexual in context is enough hint that the tasting experience was anything but ordinary LOL. That pasta was like 10x better than Jollibee's and is, of course, incomparable because fine dining ang Slice. But coming from someone who can appreciate chicken at Minute Stop and Marriot Cafe food, my verdict of the Aglio Oli can't be contested.


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